The wanders return

Erica and Janne returned from Gavdos this evening. After a brief conversation, as we were about to walk the dogs, they say that the island wasn’t too busy and there are mostly small communities spread out all over. It was worth the visit.

Ursula and I took the dogs east onto the stony beach this evening for a quick walk out. The day had been fairly calm as it was hot with a high of 30.5C and also humid and still at nearly 70%. We could see a haze over the sea as we looked out from the beach and the weather feels close.

This morning, by way of a change, we took all the dogs east onto the stony beach and then back to Grammeno. They were out for around one hour but on the lead except for Boris and his ball. Ursula then did some pilates outside on the deck whilst I ran on the road towards Paleochora on a round trip of around 5km. I completed the run in less time, used more energy but with less effort. Running on soft sand is definitely quite demanding and it is no wonder I could achieve over six km in UK where it is also cooler.

This morning’s run towards Paleochora
One of my runs from Glebe Close to Kingston and back.

We then had tea and I fed the dogs, got a shower and headed into Paleochora in search of the elusive grapefruit from the day before. I also bought some onions. I know how to live!

The remainder of the day consisted on finishing off Nat’s immigration form, getting started on the email addresses for EG and sorting out a problem with the EG website server which was being attacked by some tenacious entity.

I had a brief chat to Steffi who returns to German early Friday morning. We plan to go out together for a meal tomorrow early evening and then I will go with her to the airport on Friday morning at 03:00. I should hopefully be back in time to walk the dogs and get a run.

I understand it may be warm again on Friday according to Poppy, the lady on the till at Petrakis. The other lady who does the till updated me regarding her son who is still looking forward to end of term and the school holidays which last from Friday until around 15 September. Apparently, his father will entertain him whilst his mother is at work.

The mosquitoes are driving me nuts out here so I’m about to go in and get something to eat. The new machine captured some insects during the night although there was still at least one mosquito at large. It is hopefully sucking them all up as I write.


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