Following several weeks of warm, sunny weather, it’s turned windy and cooler. A pity, as the camping is quite busy.

They say it never rains but it pours. Fanis, Eleni and Dimitra arrived last night and today Ingo, Silvia and Kalliope.

I spent some while on the beach with Eleni as she is interested in losing weight and considering a diet change.

She was most impressed when she saw the progress that Ursula has made. And it was Ursula who actually showed Eleni her ‘before’ picture from autumn 2015. Eleni feels she needs to make a change and thinks the plant-based approach might be the answer. She is willing to give it a try for a couple of months following Ursula’s coaching.

I said that she needs to make adjustments and perhaps do things differently. I said that Ursula had made a really tasty ‘crumble’ earlier. Not only was it whole-food but also gluten-free. No sneezing or unpleasantness from me this evening.

I received an email from Georgia telling me only two cameras in the bar are operating. I went to check it out however the camera in question has customers sitting underneath so it will need to wait until later. They might take a dim view of me dropping leaves into their dinner.

Several customers have brought their dogs this weekend pushing the dog population up rather. It’s a little bit tense at present what with the change in the weather and the wind earlier. Fortunately, the wind has decreased since earlier, however, I have closed up the awning tent at either end nevertheless.

Things will quieten down again tomorrow as most people are here for the weekend and the schools still have a week more to go.


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