Of course you all know that a macro is used to automate a task on a computer.

I am trying to learn how to write macros in VBA which is a language used to write code in Microsoft applications. The aim is to automate repetitive tasks such as making up 800 email addresses which are based on a list of names. I’m sure it’s terribly simple just that I’m a bit rusty in the programming department.

It has been Monday again today with only a small amount of support calls. The problem of the website attackers continues as I needed to shut down the EG database for a while this morning.

The campsite started to empty out last night and continued this morning with the departure of Ingo, Silvia and Kalliope who left around 10:00 to meet up at Elafonissi with another family which is staying in the camping. They will have returned to Iraklion afterwards.

There are more motorhomes at the moment as I discovered whilst wandering around looking for Πέντε. Georgia is away leaving her to roam the camping at will. Sometimes she can become quite annoying by barking at people. She sees me before I see her so disappears into the shadows. She is clever enough to know that I’m trying to catch her.

.The wind subsided eventually yesterday evening so today I was able to open up the awning tent again. I’m not rushing to take the tent down as Antonis should be coming next week to start on my new awning structure.

Janne has been painting his trailer. The one Antonis built for him on their last visit. The weather is much more suitable for painting now.

I’ve left things rather late this evening. It’s very pleasant as I sit outside on the decking with my laptop. However, I need to get something to eat before I fall asleep.


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