Another hot one

Luis and Heidi on the lawn
Grammeno Bar during a slack period

It wasn’t the hottest day of the year so far as that was on June 3 when it was 37.4C. Today was by no means cold as it was just over 30C when I set off for Paleochora around 09:00. You might think that it would be hot cycling when it’s so warm however there was a refreshing easterly wind.

There was also a breeze when we went out early with the dogs. Enough to keep the mosquitoes off as we romped over the rocks. Soon it will no longer be possible to go over the rocks without disturbing all the various salt paraphernalia. Kostas’ car was parked by the cave whilst he was out collecting salt. He appeared, and the dogs, especially Pea, barked for a little while. Princess was with me so her barking was curtailed.

After breakfast, I got on with a few little IT jobs including all the email accounts for EG. I started the spreadsheet again in the hope of getting around the random characters which kept appearing in the newly-created email addresses. I finally gave up messing with it once the number of errors got to a reasonable level. The branch email addresses have been created so it’s now a matter of posting the file into the system in order to churn out the accounts.

Early afternoon, I went for a little mess around in the sea to christen the shorts given by Ursula. They seem to work well in the sea and also dry quickly afterwards. I also switched on the water for the outside showers as I have not rigged up my own as yet. The water in the ground is still quite bracing as we’ve not had a long run of really hot days as yet.

After tea, Ursula and I took the dogs for a wander around the field and the path which runs at the top of the stony beach. Now that the old kantina has been demolished the fence is open which is a bit of a shame as it was reasonably secure when the sheep were there. It would probably have been secure enough to let the dogs go in the field had so much of it not been removed.

I’m still considering the possibility of renting the field for a couple of months as that would possibly get around the evening walk problem. Assuming the dogs don’t automatically come to the fence with the camping and bark at the customers.

I’m sitting out under the awning with the sound of the various insects in the background. It is dark now other than the light of the laptop screen and the lamps in the compound. The dogs are all in bed and mostly quiet – even Luis. The neighbours are in their van watching Swedish TV over the Internet.

My potatoes should soon be ready so I can create something to eat.


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