A visit from Antonis

Antonis was doing some work for Janne next door so dropped by to talk about my replacement awing and van roof. The plan now is to cover the entire van as well as the decking. The van will have a metal frame constructed above it which will support sheets of corrugated metal to take the worst of the weather. The decking will have insulated panel which will help to make the outside seating area warmer in winter yet cooler in summer. The existing fabric awning now has tears and holes as it is not intended for the use it is currently receiving. Added to that the requirement to take down the awning during July and August when it’s very windy. Antonis says he will come tomorrow to measure up and do the work the following week. We shall see…

Following the usual morning activities, the day has been hot and sunny with a high of 34.3C. It was over 30C again as I cycled back from Paleochora. I know that road quite well now as I run a fair bit of it then cycle it later. Ursula feels that she is making better progress with her pilates now that she does them on the decking rather than rolling around in the sand. With the higher temperatures, I would find running on the sand very challenging so might be more inclined to run a shorter distance. For the past two mornings, I have run 6km despite the temperature being higher as summer draws nearer. Running the road is the way to go, at least for the time being.

The forecast for the weekend talks about thunderstorms on Saturday with showers on Sunday. The predicted rainfall is quite low however those predictions can often be seriously incorrect. A local storm can easily chuck down a good volume of water in quite a short time.

The general lack of rain since February is now becoming a cause for concern as we are well past the rainy time of the year. Whatismore, any rain which falls now, tends to bounce off the ground and run off into the roads and into the sea providing very little benefit in the longer term. This is exacerbated by the cavalier use of resources for watering and cleaning. I see people wander around aimlessly bearing a running hose as they wash their driveway or patio. There seems almost no regard for water even though it is scarce metered and quite expensive. Just stopping some of the leaks would be an advantage!

The camping is not really busy as none of the static vans is rented nor any of the small cabins other than Ξ3 by Tony and Ursula. There are only rental tents in the camping and a few motorhomes either on the beach-front or in the designated motorhome bays. The weekends are generally busier, however, this last weekend was probably the backlash from the Holiday Weekend when people cancelled due to the weather.

Janne and Erica are very pleased to here at this time as there are few people and it’s cooler. Erica actually managed to get Janne to go for a walk with her today. They went on a hike from Krios towards Elafonnisi. They said it was very enjoyable as there was a good breeze off the sea.

I busied myself providing copies of accounts for Nick Rawson who is signing-off Matthew’s accounts for his wife’s immigration application. I cannot remember how long it is since I spoke to Nick. It’s been a long time since he was a Sixer, Patrol Leader or went on crazy expeditions to France.

Ursula should be here soon as we’re going to wander the dogs around the field before calling it a day. Here she is now. Better go!


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