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We can probably conclude that, following a virtually interrupted spell of fine, hot and sunny weather, we’re about to have a bit of a change. I’d decided that summer had arrived so moved the ‘inside’ dogs outside. Their cages are not really very waterproof so I may need to make alternative arrangements if the forecast weather materialises as predicted.

Going down the Promontory for our morning walk, the wind was strong at the point of the Promontory however calmer once we went away from the shore. The sea was later calm enough for Ursula to get in her swim although she was concerned that she’d not make good progress against the wind on her way back.

Later in the afternoon, a strong gust of wind up to 47km/h suddenly arrived as can be seen from the spiky graph in the first image.

The day started off warm and sunny with a high of 34.1C. Not the hottest this week but warm enough. The sky clouded over during the afternoon to bring the overcast state we have now. The breeze is southerly and generally warm.

My day has been administering and setting up the EG Google account as well as stopping and starting the website due to attacks.

Other than on a couple of occasions when my concentration may have lapsed, I’ve been busy. The gusty winds and close conditions have not been ideal for the dogs as they’ve been rather ‘fussy’. If the storms do arrive, I shall need to deposit Boris in the storeroom as he’s not quite so deaf as not to hear the thunder.

Out on this evening’s walk, we noticed a pickup stop adjacent to the field and a man alight to inspect the ground and wander around. I’m hoping that he is not a prospective tenant as it’s very convenient to walk across the field in the mornings and wander round it in the evenings. In previous years, no sheep have been present as the kantina has been operational. The sheep returned once the season was over. With its demolition there is now potential to rent out the field for grazing. What little frazzled plant life that remains.

With the few sheep in there previously, it was possible to pass over the field without much ado.

Tonight it was going to be rice but the tin of Φακεσ (fakes) came first to hand. They are pretty much cooked so I think I’m going to go and eat them before they go too far.


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