All closed up fo foul weather

To be sure of fine weather for the next few hours, I have gone round the awning tent to close it up. I will make doubly sure of no rain be even closing up the door! The forecast now warns of 9mm rain from around 23:00 tonight with a further 9mm during the following 24 hours.

I hope it holds off for the wedding party (or whatever) where the music is wafting over from the west. Perhaps the organisers have taken the forecast into account anyway.

This morning’s walk was vigorousĀ for some of the dogs, particularly Fido who seemed hell-bent on getting to the ball first. His mission, other than to beat the others, was to try to devour the ball in the time it took me to get to him and to recuperate it. Try as I did, Fido was there first despite the best attempts of Heidi, Oskar and occasionally, Charlie. By the end of the walk, Fido was panting hard despite the temperature this morning being reasonably low.

After the walk, I did a 6km road run whilst Ursula did pilates on the deck. Most of the dogs were recovering from the walk. It seemed easier running although it might be nicer to be just that little bit earlier so as to avoid running in the sun for the last km. The sun rises behind the mountains at this time of year so, although it gets light around 05:30, the sun does not actually appear until later in many places. That situation will change in a week as we approach the Summer Solstice. Already, the sun no longer rises any earlier however it sets a little later yielding an increasing day-length. As the temperatures rise, the mornings will be warmer especially where the road absorbs heat during the day.

Google has finally authorised G Suite for EG so now there is no reason for me not to create the email accounts required. The provision of G Suite took a little longer due to a number of factors including the time between signing up and activating the account. I shall get on with it over the weekend.

I spent some time working on Inter Sport’s servers as some of their backups were not working as they should.

There is a faint patter of rain upon the awning roof but I can still see blue sky despite some large fluffy clouds. I need to put my bike away and take in my shoes.

Pea now has a large piece of the waterproof material I bought years ago, over his house, together with some chunks of concrete block borrowed from outside the workshop in case the wind comes up. The shoes and the bike is in and there’s no worry for the outside dogs as their houses are all-weather jobs, capable of surviving virtually anything. Constructed by Antonis, he has a reputation of indestructibility to maintain!

Technically, other than to move Boris into the storeroom in case of thunder, we are pretty much ready for most weather conditions. Hopefully, the waterproof covers over the crates are still waterproof…

Ursula and Tony are dining at the camping restaurant and my food, spinach and rice from the freezer, is reheating on the stove. I want to clear all of my frozen meals as I’ve lost track of how long they’ve been in the freezer.

The patter of rain from earlier ceased soon after I went outside, however, there are still plenty of approaching clouds making that just the warning shot so-to-speak.

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