So where’s the rain?

All the doom and gloom regarding torrents of wet weather, thunder and lightning etc came to very little. My preparations the previous night, as expected, guaranteed little or no rain.

There were a couple of very brief showers yesterday evening and another, slightly more prolonged shower at 04:45, at dog walking time. As a consequence, the morning walk was delayed whilst we decided if it would rain heavily or continuously. We went out anyway and it didn’t rain. The sand was only barely wet but the dogs had a good time chasing their various balls and running around being dogs. Despite bringing two balls, one for Boris and one for everyone else, Boris wanted to control both balls. He spent much of his time, one flashing ball in his mouth, wandering about vainly attempting to keep up with and acquire the other ball. With the speed that Boris moves and the speed at which the other ball changed pursuers, he had little chance.

We returned to the camping passing the three vehicles which are encamped opposite the ruins of the former kantina. It started with one van to be joined by two pickups. This evening, during the late walk, I see there is now a caravan set up on the junction between the roads which service the houses and the beaches. There are often motorhomes parked on the edge of the beach but they usually remain just a night or two. The van has been present for several nights and the caravan looks as though it has been set up for the duration. If I recall, it’s the same caravan as was there all summer last season. I suspect that, if there are too many people wild camping something will eventually be done about it.

There are more people in the camping this evening, particularly in T1 and T3. There was more activity in the bar and restaurant areas as we drank our 5 pm tea. I enjoyed another slice or two of Ursula’s excellent flapjack made from oats. Very yummy it was too.

Tony and Ursula went on an excursion to Azogires whilst I was being entertained by Xanthippos. He has been telling me we need to get another CCTV camera operational as things are going missing from the camping. Trying to pin him down as to what was ‘removed’ he became elusive. I told him that we need a bracket on the Lamp Pole in order to place a camera at the correct angle to get the required view. We also need to run a couple of cables from Georgia’s residence to serve the WiFi and the camera. I’d been avoiding this job as I’ve had other things that required my attention. Added to that, Maria reclaimed my set of keys for the duration of my trip to UK and these have not been returned to me. I have not asked for them because I feel there is sufficient staff on the camping to deal with the customers and not having keys gives me the excuse not to do anything.

Mikhalis showed me the new pumps for the poo tanks, a small backup generator for the camping and told me that Georgia is considering a backup generator to serve the entire camping during power outages. There are not so many outages in summer, but it would be handy in winter. Whether it’s a worthwhile use of funds remains to be seen. It’s more of a ‘nice to have’ item than a necessity. The supermarkets have backups but then they have tills, lights and freezers to have to keep going. The camping has survived up until now without one.

As well as the conversation about the camera bracket, Xanthippos engaged Janne and me in a conversation regarding grapes. In March, Xanthippos pruned the vines which grow up the metal poles of the shading in the centre of the camping. As a result of his labours, the vines are thriving and producing fruit. Apparently, they require vigorous pruning in the early part of the year if they are to grow and provide fruit. Xanthippos seems to know quite a bit about vines.

I received messages from Sophie informing me that she is now with Tina, Tony’s sister, and will be working on an archaeological project at Pachia Ammos right up the eastern end of the island. She intends to come to Grammeno when her stint there is over.


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