Pre-dawn chorus

Fido decided to sing to us at 03:25 accompanied by Princess. I made my displeasure plain and so Fido has been wearing a collar ever since he was tied up for the night outside his house. This evening, despite a number of distant automatic weapon reports, he still didn’t bark. So fearful of the collar around his neck is he. Fortunately, he is unaware that I didn’t have the remote with me or even if the device is powered on. There are times when the battery runs flat but the effect is still the same. No noise from Fido.

Lots of activity from Luis and Fido on the morning walk as well as Boris who expended a deal of energy following them about. We were back by 06:30 so I was able to get out for a run soon after.

This morning was like Picadilly again as I passed a woman running up from Paleochora, Erica and then Janne from Grammeno and then another guy who I see quite regularly. I was back in the camping by 07:30 and Ursula, assisted by Obi, was engrossed in her pilates.

After a shower and some tea, I rode to Paleochora to do some shopping and then back for breakfast. I was intercepted by Maria as I walked down to Tony and Ursula’s. She poked around in my breakfast bowl and decided she liked everything she found. She enquired about the lack of yogourt and then remembered that I don’t do animal.

There is a Greek company which makes a variety of ‘dairy’ products completely from plants. Yannis says that if I do the research, he’ll order it in. He told me that the big truck goes to the market in Chania three times each week and the van goes the other days. Technically there is fresh stuff every day which is pretty amazing considering how far away Chania is and the time it takes. Yannis pointed out he had some sweet potatoes so I bought some. Ursula prepared them in the AirFryer for this evening’s meal.

The day was taken up with EG email accounts which have now been created. Just a matter of checking them over then distributing them to the users. What joy!

I created some food from a lima bean recipe to which I added some mushrooms. We ate it this evening with some rice. There are two containers left over which I think will go in the freezer.

It has been sunny and warm with a high of 30.8C and no rain so far.

It’s now 22:38, I’ve eaten so time for bed before I get eaten by all of these mosquitoes.


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