All tidied up

The biggest event of the day is a slum clearance program for the awning area. Since the demise of my chair last night, the fabric has been removed from the frame which is now resting in the storeroom. I will decide what to do in due course. I still have one functioning LaFuma chair so all is not lost. The brown chair is more suited to the winter as it has a padded seat so a little warm for the summer.

The awning area now has no tiles or tent ‘carpet’ on the floor. The tiles are stacked outside on the deck and the carpet is folded up under the large carob tree. Most of the clutter has been relocated, either put away or rehomed into the storeroom. Soon I will have to move all of the camping’s clutter out of the storeroom as I’m slowly taking over.

I phoned June to wish her happy birthday. She told me she had a bad fall in October last year and is now confined to a wheelchair. She lives either in bed, in her wheelchair or on a trip to the hospital. She seems comparatively upbeat however cannot remember the events of the incident. She did tell me that Bonnie is now 18 years old!

Ursula and Tony took Heidi to see Stavros the vet in Maleme. Heidi’s initial trip to see Stavros was not that pleasant as it was to remove a fishing hook stuck through her gum which she picked up trying to eat the bait. She also received her Pet Passport on that trip so had to endure a chip insertion and an injection. To remove the hook, Stavros had to put her out so she felt very little. She is now ready for the return journey to UK which insists on additional precautions once a dog leaves the islands.

Janne has been clearing up most of today as they are about to depart for the airport for their 03:00 flight to Stockholm with Norwegian Airlines. They will be home early in the morning. They plan to return to Grammeno on September 19 for three weeks, avoiding the heat and the crowds of July and August. Now that Erica is retired from teaching, they are no longer tied to school holidays so can visit for longer avoiding the crowds.

The forecast storms hardly appeared with only a few rumbles over the mountains. Ursula reported heavy rain in Kakopetros which is high in the mountains.  The next few days are fine and sunny so it looks as though normal service is resuming.

Boris was a bit of a slowcoach on the morning walk and kept stopping once I let him off the lead. He seems to be disorientated and just stands motionless with his flashing ball in his mouth. Once at the end of the Promontory, he responds as normal. It wasn’t particularly warm today so maybe it’s just because he’s slowing down. I might start taking him in the evenings on his own just for a quick spin around the field. It is a struggle for him when the weather is warm.

Boiled sweet potato this evening together with whatever else I can find in the fridge.

I can see the moon above and hear all the various insects in the trees.

Tomorrow, 21 July, is the longest day of the year.


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