Summer solstice

We’ve had a wild night out at the camping restaurant with Georgia and Maria. The five of us, Georgia, Maria, Ursula, Tony and me have been stuffing our faces in the restaurant since 20:30. Georgia wasn’t satisfied until we’d tested every vegetable dish known to man. The kitchen staff must have been going crazy.

Just as I was about to have a shower, a van appeared delivering lots of metal poles for my van roof and replacement awning. The guy was on his own but managed to unload it all without problem. I went with him to open the barrier so he didn’t have to struggle under the various wires and trees. I’d had a visit from Antonis earlier to give me the price for the work. I also gave him some money for the materials so the job could get started.

The dogs were unimpressed that they were put to bed early and there was a certain amount of disturbance when I got back. There is no one nearby so it’s not a problem.

Maria tells me she is off to Athens to have her teeth fixed next week so I might have to help out a bit in reception.

The remainder of the day was spent tidying up the EG introduction email for the new email accounts and a few small tasks.

Ursula was busy sorting stuff out in their cabin ready for the beginning of their return trip to UK. They leave Crete on the night ferry tomorrow and then continue from Patras following a stopover in Athens. Tina, Tony’s sister will not be in Athens as she is at the archaeological site where Sophie is currently working.

The latest plan is that Tina will take Sophie to Heraklion on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Sophie will get the bus from Heraklion to Chania and then on to Paleochora and Grammeno. Sophie’s also trying to cram in a visit to the Heraklion museum as well as Knossos.

It’s nearly midnight so I’d better go to sleep!



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