More punters today

The Xanthippos birthday meal was good fun. The table looked a bit deserted to begin with but many of the guests were working so unable to join in until later. I arrived to find Xanthippos sitting at the head of a long table with loads of empty chairs. As time went on, they all filled up and there was more than enough to sing happy birthday at the cake-spitting moment.

Things were not helped by a couple of family groups with small children who also wished to eat. There must have been eight adults and a similar number of children. Initially, the children were seated quietly however they were soon running around noisily to Georgia’s annoyance. The parents appeared to be in an insulated bubble so blissfully unaware of the racket being made by their offspring.

I left at the same time as Maria, around midnight. I was feeling tired and wanted to go to bed.

The routine changed this morning as I was on my own. We walked as usual but then the dogs were put back into their houses whilst I went for a run, a shower and then a ride to Paleochora. I was back from my ride by 08:30 so they were let out whilst I had a cup of tea.

Breakfast followed and Luis was disappointed at not being invited to come out of the run to go to Ξ3.

Most of my day has consisted of setting up a new website for Gilles. The old one has been around for a while. It does its job but is less than exciting so I decided to make him up a WordPress site. I’ve included a few photos although the ones sent are a bit small so don’t stretch across the page properly. The rage is to have WP sites with lots of colourful images.

The high is 31.9C today and it has been sunny and warm with a little wind. There are a few clouds and the wind is quite cool so I’ve had to put a shirt on now that the sun is weaker.

As I’ve been out gallivanting for the past two nights, I shall be glad to be staying in for a change. I shall go for a whizz around the field with the dogs in a while, tuck them up then get some food. I have a very full fridge having been presented with a load of cucumbers by Antonis and absorbing remainders from Ursula.

Whilst out with the dogs yesterday, a guy approached me to ask if he could take a photo of the dogs being walked. Apparently, he’s an amateur photographer, so he says. He also mentioned that Pea is an example of an ancient Cretan dog breed.

I shan’t be sorry to go to bed at a sensible time tonight! Putting together this website has been mentally tiring as it has involved moving between several different pages to add content and to upload images. I shall ask Gilles if he has some larger ones.

It seems that the dogs are hoping for someone to come to take them out for a walk. Sadly, they’ll just have to settle for me!


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