Calming down

After the excitement of the weekend, the camping is calming down. Cars are leaving and the car park is emptying. The sounds of excited children are diminishing and some tranquillity is returning. The group under the trees behind me are still here but I suspect they will be for a week or so. The buzz which has been with us since Friday is gradually disappearing.

The early walk was very disappointing. There were probably six vehicles parked in the Grammeno Beach car park as I walked through with the dogs around 05:10. I continued on although I realised it might have been better to turn back at that point. It was not long before my suspicions were confirmed and we ran into a dog barking from the bushes. We doubled-back and walked the pebble beach to the east until we came near to a small tent. I then went up the road a little before returning to the camping via a circuitous route around the field. Boris did well considering the amount of enforced walking. Usually, I let him off early on and he progresses at his own pace.

We will soon go out around the back field but it will be another quick walk on the lead. Hopefully, all of the FreeLoaders on the Promontory will have left so that we get a decent walk in the morning. The dogs have been quiet for most of the day, however, Luis must be recovering as he’s becoming more vocal again.

I’ve spent part of the day resting my brain in my chair. It seemed like a good idea. I was awoken at 04:15 for some reason. A dog perhaps. The first part of the day is reasonably intensive: 2km dog walk, 6km run followed by 9km bike ride, so I have been known to relax a little after breakfast.

The remainder of the day was taken up producing a Google website for the camping. I recently acquired control of the Grammeno Camping Google business site so have been responding to customer reviews. The new, official Grammeno website is an improvement on the old website but still leaves a bit to be desired in my view. I have no control over the official site but the Google site I do. Customers spontaneously leave reviews on the Google site so it seems to make sense to respond to their comments as well as to provide as much information as possible. If you’d like, you can see the Google Business site here.

I’ve been looking up on how your microbiome affects your health and general wellbeing. It makes very interesting reading. I need to look into it some more. Apparently, the health of your microbiome greatly affects the health of your brain. Feeding your biome with the correct food encourages your friendly bacteria whilst removing the harmful ones. Use of antibacterial soap products is definitely not a good idea as it excessive washing with soap. I stopped using shampoo ages ago but it’s also better to use water rather than a lot of soaps and shower products. The toiletry industry would not approve. Better to wash the important bits with as little soap as possible and make do with just water for the rest. Deodorant is a definite no. Another product I stopped using years ago.

I’m off for a quick spin around the field with the dogs before sorting them out for the night. The remainder of the day is then mine! Meat tonight and I even remembered to remove the tin from the back of the fridge, hopefully, in good time. It was half-frozen last Sunday evening. Crunchy meat!

Boris is being a little fussy this evening. He has been wandering around a lot this afternoon. I offered him a walk yesterday evening but he declined to come with me. I’d prefer him to go out in the evenings than the mornings. He keeps inspecting his food bowl, maybe he’s simply just hungry?


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