Short night

I only got around fours hours sleep due to going to bed a bit late and being woken up by Fido making silly noises. I decided to get up and take the dogs out for the morning walk. It was good today. Plenty of moon, not too much cloud and sufficient wind to keep the mozzies at bay. Well, most of them anyway.

We were back in good time so I was ahead of the game with a run, shower and a trip to Paleochora and back all before 09:00 whereupon Sophie appeared.

We enjoyed breakfast together and then I took Sophie, Fido and Obi in the car to Krios so that they could walk in the direction of Elafonissi. I returned to get on with some stuff but went back to pick them up around 14:00.

We had a little snack and then Sophie went off to find the beach whilst I got on preparing food for later.

Ursula, Heidi and Tony have arrived safely at their home in France and have spent a busy afternoon taming the lawn and some other small jobs. They are back in UK tomorrow.

Sophie has decided that she will walk the Samaria Gorge tomorrow so will be catching the 06:15 bus from Paleochora to Omalos, walk the gorge which is 16km long including the walk to Agia Roumelli to catch the ferry back to Paleochora. I will pick her up from Paleochora and we’ll take it from there.

I finished this post off on the WordPress App on my iPad and I now see that it did not publish as expected. It was showing as published but the reality was different.


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