Sophie returns to UK

Sophie’s last day on Crete as we are heading to the airport following a final meal at Anydri. Naturally, Ursula is beside herself with jealousy as she finds shopping on Sainsbury no substitute for a meal at Anydri!

I was out early with the dogs as usual and went to Paleochora after my run. We had breakfast and then I took Sophie to Paleochora to see the PAWS puppies in daylight. They were far more responsive than yesterday evening as it was past their bedtime when we arrived.

I’ve just returned from the airport having deposited Sophie and her mega pack at departures.

I can report that the Anydri meal was up to standard and Sophie devoured a complimentary slab of cheesecake for desert. Will the plane leave the runway?

I’m a bit tired so will add to this in the morning…

I had a quick telephone chat whilst Sophie went on a walking tour of Paleochora returning later on foot. She was unsure of the route, however, I was watching her progress on my phone to ensure she didn’t go astray. Maria, who was planning to go to Athens for some important dental treatment, asked why I had not been to see her to present Sophie to her. I explained that I’d understood she would be away all week. As usual, the right-hand doesn’t know what the left-hand is doing. Maria was suitably rewarded by a visit from Sophie as she returned from Paleochora.

The next item on the program was to go to the restaurant in Anydri where we enjoyed a pleasant meal seated under the three-hundred-year-old olive tree and bougainvillaea on the terrace. The restaurant was not busy with only about 50% of the tables occupied. I suggested Sophie might try Boureki as it was one of my favourites before I stopped eating cheese. I went for stuffed courgette flowers and salad as I didn’t feel like anything heavy as I would be driving later. It was the newer server who took our order so, unfortunately, the dish arrived with a huge dollop of yogourt in the centre.  Sophie to the rescue, however, she was a bit cheesed-out having had the Boureki, the feta from the salad and now the yoghurt.

The waiter presented Sophie with a complimentary slab of the famous Sto Skolieo cheesecake and some raki. She found time for the cheesecake but the raki was abandoned.

We drove back to Grammeno where we took the dogs for a quick wander around the fields before feeding them and putting them to bed somewhat earlier than usual. I had considered sweetening the pill by giving them their Sunday Meat ration, however, I’d forgotten to remove the tin from the back of the fridge where it was most likely frozen solid.

We jumped in the car to start the journey to Chania airport at Souda. We arrived exactly two hours before the flight leaving Sophie plenty of time to haul her mega-pack to the luggage check-in.

We exchanged some texts, the last of which was at 04:19 to say she was back in Haywards-Heath. There was some delay with the flight due to industrial action by French air traffic controllers.

I went to bed as soon as I got back just after 22:00. It wasn’t long before I was asleep.


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