Surprise, surprise!

There were no FreeLoaders on the Promontory this morning! Last week, I think I counted at least six vehicles in the Grammeno Beach carpark alone. It was a relief as I was able to exercise the dogs properly which is good for both them and for me.

Back at the camping, I took Boris for a walk with Charlie as the former had declined a walk the previous evening.

I was a bit late going for my run so paid the price as the sun was well up by the time I set off. Maria was emerging from her room as I jogged past and she smiled as she saw me. I beckoned to her to join me but then I would only have slowed her down.

The run and the subsequent cycle seemed to be harder work today. I even walked a few paces on the return leg!

It has generally been a very lazy Sunday doing very little except some sleeping and a few small jobs.

I’ve not been out into the camping other than this morning and to use the loo. The increase in noise indicates there are more people on the camping. It is the first of July after all. I can see more cars in the car park from my cursory glance that direction.

It has been sunny and warm with virtually no wind so far today. The high is 30.5℃ as opposed to 30.3℃ yesterday.

We have walked, eaten our meat and all is quiet in my part of Grammeno. Boris came for a second walk today!

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