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Antonis hard at work digging one of the holes for the main uprights
Two uprights bedded in on concrete

Antonis was heading towards Grammeno as I cycled towards Paleochora. He stopped and we had a quick chat about the job. He needed to go to his workshop to pick up his tools which gave me time to continue on to Petrakis to get some fruit and get back to the camping.

The ride was easier than yesterday as was the earlier run. I think I was just on low-power the day before and needed a rest. I went a little slower this morning although I also went a little further too. The weather seems to have sorted itself out and temperatures are rising again. Even on the road, it’s not easy to run fast when it’s hot. I also try to get out as early as possible before the sun comes over the mountains.

Today, Antonis has dug four holes and concreted in three of the uprights to carry the main frame for the roof over the van. The front uprights will also carry most of the weight of the new metal awning which will replace the fabric one.

He returns tomorrow to install the cross members and tack it all together so that he can locate the centre rear upright as well and the other front upright. There are difficulties in measuring and trying to keep it all square.

I’m hoping he is also going to dig a hole to put in my weather station which has been bolted to the telegraph pole temporarily since June 2014. It’s only taken four years and this IS Greece! A problem with the telegraph pole is that it shades the rain gauge when the wind is from the north. This gives inaccurate readings as you might expect.

There have been a number of support calls today some from EG whose website certificate has run out. The website is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and, even though I have bought a new site certificate, I have no clue how to install it. The problem is that there is no one responsible for the website and I have to keep getting Laura, who patched it all together, to do things for me as a favour. I’m beginning to run out of favours!

Boris if fretting and fidgeting so I’d better take the dogs out for their walk. The others are all silent.

The summer season is now upon us with customers arriving each day. There is a family group set up north of me although I’ve not looked that closely. The camping is generally busy, not just at the weekends. I would think that the majority of customers are Greek judging by the cars in the car parks.

I’ve been sitting outside working on a website for Matthew’s Shepherd’s Hut rental business. It is still 26.2C at 22:42. Today’s high is 31.6C and the consensus is that it will get warmer as the week progresses. I understand it’s warm in Uk and likely to remain so for the next couple of weeks!

I’m getting eaten and I also need to eat, so I’d better go inside.



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