33℃ My foot!

It’s been a bit warm today. In fact, the hottest day of the year so far. Last year, it got this warm at the end of June. This year, just for a change, the end of June was like winter and we were wearing our fleeces and rolling down the sides to the awning tent!

Today, a high of 41.5℃, was a little bit of a surprise following a predicted high of 33℃. It all got a bit hot around 14:30 but cooled off again a little later. Even at 18:15 it’s still nearly 37℃!

As a consequence of this, I have done very little this afternoon other than studying the insides of my eyelids.

Antonis has done a little more work so we now have a long post at the rear of the van at the centre of the other two. This involved digging another hole with his new mega-drill. There was a bit of excitement as one of the power sockets on the camping had melted. I suspect it was because the Polish people, north of me, decided to run two lots of air conditioners from the same cable. I could hear their Air Con running all night.

There was a bit of an inquest and negotiation with Georgia about the noise we are making with the new erection. She asked why it had not been done during the winter. I was asking the same question, however, I remembered that the decking was also done in July two years ago. It seems that there has been a policy shift and that any noisy work should be completed before the season begins. I was talking to Antonis about doing this job in January and February but he didn’t actually get started until the end of June.

Antonis has agreed to complete the work as quickly as possible at Georgia’s insistence as well as make any large sheet metal cuts at the top of the camping where it will annoy the neighbours and not the campers.

It’s encouraging that Georgia is taking the comfort of the customers more seriously. I had a problem where Mikhalis was working on the new small Cabin last year, making a terrible racket early in the morning. Following Georgia’s intervention and a complaint from the customer, work carried on at more sensible times. It was the same earlier this year when the Dynamic Duo decided to cover the entire camping in dust regardless of all the customers around and about. The incident where Ursula was told to take in her washing or get it dirtied by the dust from the machines.

Antonis will come after dark to mark the tops of the poles with his laser level then chop them off in the morning quickly, once everyone is up. The rest is a matter of welding which makes no noise.

Maria is scheduled to go to Athens this evening, returning some ten days later, having had her teeth fixed. It looks as though Georgia will be in charge of reception and I said I’d deal with any English-speaking customers. I’m uncertain as to why Maria has to go right at the beginning of the busiest part of the season when she was in Athens for five months at the beginning of the year. I created a bit of a spat between them when I brought this up.

Georgia went off to her house returning with Πέντε and Mickey. Πέντε had a nasty abscess which has healed up nicely. She has also been to the beauty parlour for a clipping!

She also has a nice foulard with the Ban the Bomb logo! What a pretty girl she is!

Mickey has to return to the vet for more treatment on his leg which requires opening up to remove the metalwork as well as irrigating with some special product to stave of future problems with the bone. It all sounds very expensive and Georgia is pushing out the boat with her dogs this year. She told me how Πέντε responded for her first visit to the house in Chania. Maybe Georgia will have them both with her this winter instead of leaving them out to freeze in their ramshackle houses…

I shall miss having Πέντε around but not Mickey. The dogs are not allowed to roam the camping now so both have nice, new leads. It seems, at last, there is not one rule for some and another other everyone else. This has come back to bite me a little though!


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