A restless night

I could hear cackling and laughing as I wandered to the loo at 04:45. I’d forgotten to put my Apple Watch on charge so stuffed it in the charger for fifteen minutes whilst I marshalled the dogs. Boris was nowhere to be seen. Probably worn out by all that driving I did yesterday.

We wandered out under the clear, moonlit sky and made our way to the end of the Promontory. I could make out fresh tyre-marks left by Kostas’ pickup. He only comes in his black pickup. I suspect the red one has finally died. He was collecting salt but remained largely ignored by the dogs. A little barking from the Princess of Barkers but that soon stopped.

I threw a ball for Luis who was quite active. I threw another a couple of times for Fido but he preferred to relocate himself to a private spot where he could try to devour the ball in peace. We walked over the rocks and headed back. I’d told Sascha I’d make a point of being back in the camping by 06:15 so that he had a chance to walk Zora without us crossing paths. His hope is that we will be able to walk them all together, however, I feel we have to work up to that or it will end up being a circus with no one being a winner.

I was out running in good time and the air was a comfortable 21℃. There was only one other runner, however, I passed Sascha in the car on his way to Petrakis to buy breakfast for his family.

Back at the caping, I showered and charged my watch a little more as I needed to do my bike ride. Once this is done most of my exercise for the day is complete and I can usually get all three rings closed before 16:00 if I don’t fall asleep and get my Stand done properly.

Boris now has a couple of misters on a separate tap to the others. His run is the first to catch the afternoon shade whilst the other run is bathed in direct sunlight even under the trees after about 15:00.

I’ve been busy again with small IT tasks as well as responding to Google site comments and queries. I have done a little more work to Matthew’s hut rental Google business as well as ‘adopt’ the Grammeno Camping Bar and Restaurant business.

I have plenty to keep me busy at the moment including moving on with the Inter Sport server upgrade project which rather stalled once they decided not to proceed with the EPOS upgrade. This has left things up in the air making it more difficult for me to complete the transfer of data and computers.

I received a visit from a Swedish guy who came looking for Janne and Erica. He was here about this time last year. He stays for around three weeks before making his way to the mainland. He says he knows a guy at the eastern end of the island who looks after 200 stray dogs. He has a large area in the mountains near to Ierapetra. Apparently, he has a lot of sponsorship from welfare organisations in UK amongst other places. He also has a number of volunteers, also from UK. The Swedish guy, whose name escapes me, says he will retire this year and plans to go help this chap looking after the dogs. Just to prove there are much crazier people here than me.

The top temperature for today is a very reasonable 38.9℃ and I have a feeling it will plummet to below 30℃ before long.

I shall walk the dogs in around an hour, have something to eat and probably retire to my boudoir before it gets very late.


Here is the latest review and rating on the Google Grammeno Camping site (Translated from German – Google Translate)

“When we arrived at the campsite in February in the dark, wind and rain we were greeted by Chris as “crazy Germans”. We were warmly welcomed as the only campers and Chris took great care of us. The heat shower saved us after a rainy hike and also the insider tips around the country and people were very helpful. The beach walk with Chris and his dogs was the grouchende graduation. Simply fantastic and we would recommend anyone to pitch his tent here. ευχαριστώ”



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