Burial party aborted

The plan was to get out on Saturday evening to dig the hole for Boris’ burial at sunrise on Sunday morning. When could be more fitting?

The first flaw in the plan was that, due to the departure of the North Poles, space became available north of the compound. Some fairly active people decided to camp out on the ground, without a tent. To add to this, another group set up camp to the rear of T2. This group included young children who are prone to be a little noisy. Greeks, in general, can also be a little noisy. I decided that there was potential for the dogs to be noisy which could be inconvenient if I happened to be out on the Promontory digging a hole.

The revised plan could not be communicated to Sascha as I only have his email and he had taken his family to a concert in Azogires.

I woke up at 04:30 on Sunday morning so decided to leave earlier than usual. There was still some moon but it is the final quarter. I decided only to let Fido and Charlie off the lead as I’d spotted a car parked in the Granneno Beach car park and suspected the presence of FreeLoaders. There were a few tents by the large rock in the centre of the Promontory so all dogs ended up being walked on the lead. There was no ball throwing or free running. Instead, we sat, relatively calmly, on the rocks enjoying the sound of the waves and the view of the sea. It was magical.

The plan was to take the dogs back early then meet Sascha in the car park to do the Deed. Having failed to dig the hole the previous evening, this would need to be done first. Emerging from the Promontory around 06:00, there was another vehicle parked as well as a lone fisherman we encountered on the way. Other people were starting to move around so I could see that it would be impractical to dig a hole, place Boris in it, then fill it in whilst remaining undetected.

I returned to the camping with the dogs and tied them to the fence. I just intercepted Sascha as he was about to carry Boris to his car to transport him to the beach car park. I explained the situation and we agreed to postpone the burial operation until Sunday night.

The new plan is to put the dogs to bed, then wander over to the Promontory, dig the hole, put Boris in it and fill it in under cover of darkness. Hopefully, being Sunday evening, the FreeLoaders camping on the Promontory will have disappeared off home as will all the other folks enjoying the Promontory and the beach.

There is also a plan B should the main plan fail. There is already a huge hole dug at the back of the field for test purposes. Should we be unable to get onto the Promontory and do the business for any reason, this is a fallback possibility. It’s not ideal but we’ve had two hot days so Boris cannot wait much longer!

I know that the open-air sleepers from behind have departed and hope the other lot, at the rear of T2, are packing up to disappear off home as I write. A quick peek over the fence confirms that the tents have departed with their owners and that the camping is generally calming down. The tendency is for people to arrive Friday or Saturday night and depart Sunday afternoon or evening.

Other than a power failure at Inter Sport, which threatened to leave the servers without power, I have had a relaxing day compensating for the various visits to Chania or Souda. I took Sophie back last Saturday evening, went to Souda again on Wednesday and was late back, went to Chania on Friday with Antonis and then again on Saturday with Sascha. Quite a bit of running about in a week.

My sources tell me that Maria has not returned to the fold although she replied to the queries I sent to Georgia the other day. My queries were in Greek so I’m not entirely certain as to why Georgia didn’t reply directly.

Today’s high temperature is 36.9℃ although it is cooler now due to a wind which sprang up around 15:30 and has, so far, gusted to 40km/h.

Yesterday’s post has been updated with a photo gallery click here to see it.



Boris was successfully buried next to Dave at 21:15 (EEST) on 8 July 2018



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