Very busy Monday

I didn’t post this blog last night because I was very busy all day and taking the awning down all the evening.

The first visitor of the day was Antonis to tell me that he’d be coming on Tuesday morning with someone else and that the awning needed to be taken down before he could progress the job.

I was busy all day with support work so was not able to take the awning down until the evening. It would have been too warm to take it down during the day anyway. I knew that taking it down might be a problem as the winding gear was on its last legs when I put it up last. That was in August last year I recollect.

I was not disappointed as I had to disengage the winding gear to manually wind up the awning fabric using an adjustable wench. This was fairly entertaining as I had to climb the ladder at the rear of the van to remove the cover and the winding gear from the end of the awning. Then, with a large wrench, turn the square drive of the roller to wind in the fabric. Periodically, this involved climbing down the ladder to move the awning legs as the fabric was slowly retracted. It had been windy earlier but fortunately, there was none at this point.

I was doing most of the tidying up in the dark, assisted by a head torch. Much of the clutter from under the awning is stuffed into Boris’ house and the larger items are parked in the corner of his compound. I have also taken residence in his compound as there are two olive trees and a large carob. Boris’ compound is most of the area previously occupied by the van before I moved it to its current location.

The rest of the day was taken up with various support calls from Inter Sport and Embroiderers Guild. It was hot with a high of 32.1℃ and the camping was quite busy with people left over from the weekend.

A group of French adolescents arrived accompanied by various adults. They were positioned next to Sascha and family and not in the area to my north boundary as it traditional. Sascha and family suffered a large family group over the weekend as well as occupants to the newly-relocated caravan. In fact, Marie arrived back from the family visit to Azogires on Saturday night to find a renegade Greek man sleeping in her hammock. It was for Sascha to evict same so that Marie could go to bed. She prefers to brave the mosquitoes and sleep outside.

As mentioned in my previous blog, the Boris burial was successfully accomplished at 21:15 on Sunday night.


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