Softly, softly…

No rude awakening from Luis this morning. Perhaps he’s got the message? Yes, and Pigs will fly!

Even though I went to bed early last night, I still woke up on the alarm. I didn’t spring out of bed, that’s for sure!

The mosquitoes were very pleased to see me this morning, both Kostas and I agreed on that! He was walking back to his car with some salt and various implements in his hands. Despite emerging from the darkness with his head-torch blazing, there was comparatively¬†little barking. I told him about the demise of Boris who he used to throw the ball for in times gone by.¬† The number of balls ending up on the beaches of Gavdos when they invariably got washed off the rocky sure of the Promontory. Even in those days, Boris was beginning to struggle with his hind legs and sometimes I’d leave him behind so he could recuperate. The swimming was also an attempt to mitigate his leg problems and worked quite well. Recently, less so, since he was not so good at spotting the ball in the water.

In a discussion with Ursula earlier, I came to the conclusion that Boris’ sudden departure was a bit of a blessing in disguise as his quality of life was deteriorating. I couldn’t really imagine him accepting his limitations as he still had the mind of a puppy.

Antonis carried on with the awning project although progress appears to be very softly, softly. I had hopes of real progress yesterday when he turned up with a helper but they only stayed about three hours and left saying he needed to let the concrete go off. Today he welded the front support which he started ages ago and says he will return tomorrow with another helper to raise the support and create the main frame for the back. I think that will be good going although he’s talking about getting the frame for the new awning tacked together so that it can be welded on Friday. Not wishing to be pessimistic but I shall be surprised if we progress this far.

A few support calls today to my new office in the ‘Boris’ Compound. I have also set up Sage Accounting for Anthea so that she can access the EG accounts from her laptop at home rather than from a workstation at Bucks County Museum.

Setting this up, I spoke briefly to Simon who was on house-cleaning duty as, apparently, Chris is visiting soon.

The sun is now well behind the storeroom and Luis is getting noisy. I shall soon take the dogs out for their brief wander around the field before food and bed. There is no meat tonight as I didn’t buy any this morning. The consumption of biscuits reduced when Boris went onto special diet for his leg problem. Now that he is no longer with us food consumption will reduce still further. Not that he ate proportionately more than the others especially when he was less active.

It is noticeably¬†cooler this evening with a persistent westerly breeze. People are still loitering on the east beach in just swimming stuff but I’m wearing shorts and a polo shirt. The lack of an awning gives a different light within the van but I suspect it will be quite a bit darker one there is a roof over the entire van.

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