Mad Max – eat your heart out!

Mad Max would, I’m sure, be happy to see the progress to the new external roof as it is in keeping with the style of vehicle and dwelling portrayed in the 1970s film.

As good as his word, Antonis arrived with his equipment soon to be joined by the guy who was helping him yesterday. They worked hard and have now put up the front frame for the external roof. This needs to be in position before the front section, the actual awning is constructed. I’m more interested in getting the awning completed at this stage as I have to sit out in the dirt like I used to do. I am very much looking forward to having my decking back and being able to sit under my new, insulated awning.

They left around 13:00 as Antonis needed some sleep having been kept up at his night job by some arrivals who were inconsiderate enough to get lost on their way to the hotel where he is the night porter/manager/general DB. Consequently, rather than kipping down for a nice snooze having completed his duties, he was disturbed by aforementioned customers as they drove aimlessly around southwest Crete to visit a number of mountain villages. They finally arrived having been lead a merry dance by their SatNav. Neither they nor Antonis were impressed. He relies on his sleep time to enable him to carry on with his day work. He had considered the possibility of not coming to me but thought better of it. I would have been less than impressed had he not have shown up.

Today’s progress consists of the tall structure at the front of the van upon which the roof over the van will rest. This is supposed to allow me to access the van roof for technical and repair purposes but seems to have grown a lot higher than I had intended. Antonis seems to think so as well. Another slight complication is that, due to the lack of accurate measurement, the main frame is not square. Antonis has this in hand as he assures me this will not matter when he puts the cross members which will actually support the metal roof panels.

Antonis also assures me that the front frame to support the awning will be constructed and tacked tomorrow then welded on Saturday. Assuming the panels arrive as specified, there is a possibility that the awning could be in position by Saturday. I still feel the odds are long on this and I will be sitting in the Boris enclosure until Monday.

Sascha and family still have their group of French children, some of which spent the night sleeping on the beach as he discovered when walking Zora early this morning. Startled by the ‘Foreign Objects’ on the beach, she barked. Fortunately, due to my personal, private access to the field, I no longer have to walk the dogs through the camping. In the days of Mickey and Πέντε roaming free, getting into and out of the camping with twelve dogs was almost impossible without detection. Now I can wander freely across the field unimpeded as I go.

I appear to have stacks of rucksacks and bags piled around the trees to the north of my compound. I suspect Mikhalis brought these possessions in his pickup earlier as there was a certain amount of barking, mostly from Oskar, Luis and Charlie. I have recently had words with Oskar inviting him to desist his barking activities.

The day was warm and sunny although the night and early morning were both cool. I needed my sheet during the night, partly due to not having the awning area to trap heat outside the van. The walk and the subsequent run were both cool which is a bit of a bonus almost half-way through July. The wind seems predominantly from the west as the misting spray from the SDC has been drifting over to where I have been sitting under the olive trees in the former location of the van.

Below is the map from the Google site I have been working on for Matthew’s Shepherd’s Hut rental business. I have put together some text on a Google website too.

Here is the link to the Shepherd’s Hut site which I updated fairly recently.


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