Happy Bastille Day!

The chair I bought back in 2015 finally collapsed a week or so ago. It’s now alive and well with a new fabric. I’ve been performance testing it since this morning
The new roof support over the van from the southeast
The new roof support over the van – profile view from the east. You may notice a few dogs tied up to the fence as we’ve just come back from the Early Walk.

It’s been a fairly lazy day as I have been performance testing the new fabric for the chair I bought in 2015. It did quite well but finally collapsed a couple of weeks ago. The chairs are quite expensive however it’s possible to replace the fabric to bring the chair back to an as-new condition.

The ‘fairly lazy day’ included all the usual morning activities such as walk, run, cycle so not that ‘lazy’ really.

Contrary to expectations, Antonis arrived shortly after 09:00 and spent quite a while welding the framework of the new structure. He told me that Polychronis’ delivery guy had tried to bring the tube and metal sheets ordered yesterday but had been told to leave by Georgia. The guy had tried to dump the stuff in an area where there were the two French groups and become offensive when spoken to. The items were finally delivered to Antonis’ parents’ home in Krios and he and Vasilis bought them to my compound later in a friend’s pickup. We are still waiting for the panel for the awning roof to arrive. Should this arrive today as ‘promised’ by Polychronis, Antonis and Vasilis may come to fit it tomorrow, Sunday. Otherwise, they will be with me Monday morning to fit the metal sheets to the main roof over the van, having first welded the cross members. Antonis is keen to get his money which I said would be forthcoming once the job was complete. I have been paying for the materials as we’ve gone along. Antonis’ credit with Polychronis is quite long, but not that long!

Following the excitement of the welding and the eventual departure of the Dynamic Duo, I called home and spoke on the phone for a couple of hours. This call was followed by another to Matthew as he anguishes over his relationship with Dave at the wood where his vans are situated. The problem seems to be a bit of a communication failure and an understanding as to what is required to make a business work. Up until now, Dave has had a group exclusively use his camping ground and facilities. They were probably fairly undemanding so he just stuck the money in his pocket and did little. Matthew is trying to attract people to his shepherds’ Huts and perhaps the camping too. He wants to advertise and make a real business out of it. He has seen what some friends have achieved in a comparatively short space of time. Both Dave and Matthew are good at getting all the physical stuff done but marketing, booking accounting and taking the money is another matter. Matthew is trying to get me to do all of this for him/them. It’s call back-office work.

The high today is 37.7℃ and it was showing 30℃ on the clock at the foot of my bed for most of the night. I have the door and most of the windows open 24/7. They all have insect nets to discourage flying visitors. It is windy again today with gusts to 48km/h so far. Hopefully, from now on, I will be unconcerned about high winds. I will still have the awning tent to consider but at least the awning room and the main roof should survive most things.

The houses have returned to the summer position away from the North Fence. Erica a Janne will not be back until 19 September and they sleep at the other end of their van. The happy campers will be separated from any nocturnal noise by an additional 10 metres or so.

The shade and mist sprays are back too.


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