All fall down!

I got up to Oskar at 00:55 and misstepped as I walked out of the van door. Antonis had been welding the previous day so I’d pushed the PVC sheet from on the decking, into the gap between van and decking. This sheet stops the wind from blowing up under the van into the awning area. Somehow, due to being half asleep, I managed to step into the void between the van and decking so came crashing down on the wooden decking outside. Naturally, the carpet and foam tiles have all been put away so it was just the bare woodwork. The noise startled Charlie and Pea who started to bark. I was sprawled on the decking, working out which way up I was whilst telling the dogs to shut up. I got to my feet after a few moments nursing a sore shoulder and hobbling on a grazed right leg. I put the e-collar on Oskar and retired back to bed. Surprisingly, I feel back to sleep quite quickly and didn’t feel as bad as I’d expected when I was woken by the alarm at 04:45.

There were a number of cars parked near to the Promontory so I kept the dogs on the lead and marched them up to the end where we sat on the rocks and enjoyed the sea and the breeze. The sea was calm and the breeze kept most of the mosquitoes at bay.

I went out running at 06:15 as I wanted to be back before Xanthippos started work around 07:00. Yesterday, he pointed out that Luis had been noisy whilst I was out but I suspect it was he who triggered Luis. Listening to the daily recording I make, the barking began at about the time Xanthippos starts work. He rummages around in the Grammeno Ferrari parked near to the gate, then wonders why the dogs start barking. Only Charlie is left out, the others are all in their houses. It doesn’t need much noise at 07:00 on a Sunday to wake up the punters. This morning, I was back before Xanthippos, so was present when he arrived to take the Ferrari down to the bottom of the camping. Why he needs to take the pickup down there is a mystery. It makes a racket and spits out a trail of pollution as it rattles its way down the track. For my money, a decent handcart would do the job. Be virtually noiseless and create zero pollution. But then Xanthippos would have nowhere to lurk and smoke, surrounded by his plastic rubbish bags and other clutter.

Despite my war wounds I completed the Early Walk, run and cycle into Paleochora. Other than that, I have done absolutely nothing except lounge in my newly-repaired chair, inspect the insides of my eyelids or read.

This afternoon we have had the ‘pleasure’ of loud music which, I suspect, emanates from the vicinity of the Ammos Beach Bar. The ‘music’ was particularly horrid at the start but has softened over time. As in previous years, I suspect the people of Cedar Bay Villars are delighted to be so close as they enjoy their poolside drinks. I would be livid to have paid as much and be bombarded by loud club music!

Despite the racket, the dogs have been reasonably restrained. I think the people who come for the weekend will be packing up as, hopefully, those on the Promontory will too.

My final activity today will be to take the dogs on the Evening Walk, feed them and put them to bed. My shoulder hurts as does my right leg so there will be no jobs done this evening. Moving the houses next to the south fence seems to have worked out ok. I suspect I shall move the houses close to the gate into the former Boris Zone hopefully desensitizing them from external noise.

Antonis contacted me to see if Polychronis had delivered the panel for the awning roof however none was to be found when I looked on the way back from my run. They have plenty to be getting on with tomorrow morning including building a step for outside the van door! I’d got used to the 40cm step up so didn’t do anything about making one. One is definitely required to prevent any further unintentionally quick descents from the door.

It’s windy again and the high today is 38℃. It has been sunny and warm so I’m sure the beach has been busy. The restaurant looked reasonably full when I peeked via the cameras. Georgia is still on reception duty, so must be loving that! She was at her post at 09:00 yesterday which is miraculous as she is definitely not a Morning Person! She generally surfaces around 11:00. Maria has now been away in Athens getting her teeth fixed since 4 July. I understood she’d be back at the camping about ten days later. When she last went to Athens, it was at New Year and we didn’t see her again until May! I sent a mail to her personal email last week to let her know about Boris and ask after her teeth. Admittedly, she checks this email account rarely.




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