And finally…

…we almost have the completed project!

Antonis is positioning the first metal panel on the roof over the van with Vasilis looking on
The completed roof over the van. The material of the roof is not the same as for the canopy.

The Dynamic Duo were with me until 15:00 having decided that Georgia’s restrictions for working only until 13:00 could be ignored as they are so close to the finishing line. I suspect the urgency of requiring payment may also have something to do with it!

There was a message from Matthew asking me to call Dave, the guy at the woods where his vans are parked. Dave and I chatted until after midnight yesterday when I finally managed to get to bed. Working with the Human Whirlwind was not as easy as he’d hoped so needed a bit of guidance on how to deal with things.

Matthew sent me a long email about his meeting with Dave and then I spoke to him again this evening. We talked about his campsite project and how he planned to make it work considering all the difficulties and the lateness of the season. In another six weeks, it’s all going to be over and that assumes the present spell of fine weather continues. He is going off to consider his options and may decide to review the situation and make new plans for next season.

It has been warm and sunny with a high of 39.1℃. I’ve been under my canopy so have been out of the sun.

It must have been hot for Antonis working on the upper roof. Hopefully, tomorrow will be the last day and I can get my life back. I’m looking forward to not having a pile of tools on my decking and people wandering around my compound most of the day. It would be nice to get a little more organised so that I can finally sort out my decking area.

I’ve not long come back from walking the dogs as we went out just as it was getting dark. My call with Matthew seemed to go on for a long time. I feel like I’ve spent quite a bit of time on Matthew’s business recently.

The camping seems busy but I spend very little time in it at present. I don’t take the dogs through it and either run or cycle early in the day. I’m in ‘Summer Mode’ so don’t communicate with the Great Unwashed.

A quick look through the client list on the camping WiFi shows that Georgia is in reception, that Maria has not returned from Athens but that Sascha, Marie, Steffi and Zora are back from wherever they’ve been for the past couple of days.

My corn on the cob must be cooked so I’m going in to eat it before it’s time to go to bed!


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