No invaders today!

Other than a few FreeLoaders on the Promontory there were no invaders to my inner sanctum. Only a quick visit from Mikhalis who was dying to see what the others have been doing all this time. I feel sure he will have something to say whenever the opportunity arises however he contented himself with a cover story that he felt it was a good job. Time will tell…

This morning a car and a motorcycle, announced the presence of FreeLoaders on the Promontory. The two on the motorcycle were only a short way from their machine and aware of their imminent demise through being ruthlessly savaged by my hungry pack. We didn’t pass unnoticed on the inward journey as the couple were almost lying across the path. We left them in a bloody heap to continue their sleep.

It was quite dark so ball retrieval was a little more demanding than previously. I am awaiting the arrival of some luminous balls as all of the flashing ones are terminally dead and tennis balls appear impossible to find in the dark. Sascha showed me one he’d recovered from the Promontory when I was with them yesterday evening. There must now be hundreds littering the dunes.

During the return leg, we found the other FreeLoaders slumped on the large beach and almost managed to pass by without comment. Other than from Princess who always has to have the last word. She is getting better though. My toe in the direction of her bottom seems to help!

Nearly every morning, when I go out running, there is this guy who rides sedately from the direction of Paleochora on his little motorcycle. He potters along, sometimes with the headlight on. He is casually smartly attired and looks as though he’s going to work. I have absolutely no idea who he is and have never spoken to him. He waves animatedly as he approaches and I, naturally, wave back. Sometimes I say Καλημέρα. One of those great mysteries of life. Perhaps he works in Kountoura as he seems to travel the same route at about the same time each day.

Following my morning activities and a little gardening before my shower, the remainder of the day has been extremely inactive. I’ve spent most of the time working on my computer with only the occasional wander around. That said, I spent some time messing with the roof lights on the van and rearranging my sleeping area. The roof lights are now open and I’ve done my best to fix the insect screens to prevent nocturnal invaders. It does appear to be cooler in the van during the day now that most of the sun is intercepted by the main roof.

I took pictures last night then forgot to include them in the blog. I have since updated yesterday’s blog with the pictures however I have discovered that republishing the blog does not cause the notification emails to be resent. If you wish to view the updated blog, click here. The blog should open in a new tab or window.

I still have ‘moving the weather station sensor unit’ on my todo list but this involves finding some suitable bolts to secure it to the post and possibly drilling a couple of holes. I’m not certain I’m sufficiently motivated to do this today. It will not take another four years to achieve though.

Google tells me that the Grammeno Camping Maps and Search website has been viewed a number of times.

The camping has received five ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ratings in the past week together with two ⭐⭐⭐⭐ratings. Reviews are a little harder to come by although some are fairly prolific. All this helps to boost interest in the camping and I replied, in Greek, to yet another enquiry for prices and accommodation this morning. People seem to find the Google site quite easily. How many of these enquiries are converted to actual customers, remains to be seen. And we are not actually paying for this service – it’s all free if you’re prepared to put in a little effort.

I encountered a large insect on the towel draped over the back of my chair this morning. On closer inspection, I could see that the larger insect had a honey bee clasped in its grasp and the insect’s proboscis inserted in the bee. I checked up on Good old Google, to find that this insect enjoys bees for breakfast. It catches the bee in flight and then inserts its proboscis into the bee before injecting it with a paralysing substance. It then proceeds to inject the bee with gastric juices which dissolve the bee making it a simple task to slurp up the liquid meal! Unfortunately for the bee, this is naturally curtains and the fly simply casts off the drained bee like a Greek throws his spent Fredo Espresso beaker out of his van. A while later, I found the exoskeleton of the bee discarded on my towel. You can read this for yourself here. Isn’t Nature cruel!

Beans tonight. Not the ones I was given by Sascha yesterday as they are gone. These beans were soaked but forgotten yesterday so were extra-soaked and cooked this morning. They are now bathed in tomato sauce with added herbs and spices. They taste really yummy so I’m looking forward to devouring some later with the other elements of my evening meal.



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