I was wrong (Ursula will be glad to hear this)

Contrary to my expectations, there were no FreeLoaders on the Promontory this morning, requiring only Princess and the inevitable Obi to be detained. It was surprisingly warm but also surprisingly cool in some places. Kostas was collecting salt but left fairly soon after we arrived. We played ball for half-an-hour before wandering over the rocks and home. I was out running at 06:15 and encountered only one other runner who, I calculate, runs significantly further than me.

It was over 32℃ when I cycled back from Paleochora with a few items from Petrakis. The road seemed particularly bumpy this morning.

I spent most of the day involved with setting up EG accounts software in the Accounts persons laptops. One of which was particularly slow with an equally slow Internet connection. Now that we have a decent connection, I quickly get frustrated with a slow connection at the other end. This work has not been helped by a couple of power cuts, similar to those we experienced yesterday. I’m not sure if they are related to a problem on the camping or elsewhere. I just know that they are annoying, especially if you’re trying to work online on a remote session. No power: No Internet connection.

It has been warm with a high around midday of 38.4℃ and a low this morning of 21.8℃. For some reason, the temperature under the awning was over 40℃ but that was probably because I was in the sun. I even resorted to putting on the fan and cooler until the wind decided to join in. It became progressively windier as the afternoon passed. Yesterday evening was warm and still 30℃ at 21:00. Fortunately, the temperature fell soon after.

Tomorrow lunchtime I am dining with Sascha, Steffi, Maria and Martin at Houmas restaurant just up the road. I have not been there for a meal since Ursula and Tony arrived last. This momentous event is to mark the end of the holidays for Sascha and Co.

After a fairly noisy start, both Luis and Oskar have been unremarkably quiet: thanks to two Golden Collar Awards early on! The e-collars definitely do the trick!

There have been a couple more price enquiries today through the Google website and a further⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating. One is for a stay from October 2019 to February 2020. Talk about getting organised in advance! Another is looking to rent a Small Cabin at the beginning of August so I need to involve Maria here too. I should imagine she has been quite busy over the weekend especially as there could well be some departures this evening from those who have to be at work tomorrow morning. She can be a little lethargic at the best of times.



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