Blood Moon!

It was almost a Full moon as we trekked across the car park in the direction of the Promontory. Higher in the sky than yesterday so provided more useful light. Unfortunately, the clouds got in the way from time-to-time but it didn’t last long. Fido galloped up and down in pursuit of his ball and the tennis ball was found and then lost.

On a later visit to the office, I acquired the Amazon package perched on the scanner by the desk. Maria wasn’t there: I arrived, a customer arrived, a supplier arrived, the phone rang several times, they departed and so did I. We now have four shiny new luminous balls to play with in the morning. Both Luis and Fido will have a ball each. So long as Charlie and Oskar do not take the balls off and hide them somewhere. I’m hoping that the luminosity will enable me to keep track of them.

It was cloudy and cooler as I ran my 6km this morning. I was the only runner today. Petrakis was busy and Yannis showed me a new App he installed on his iPhone. It showed the moon. Tonight is Full Moon and a total eclipse so something to look for at bedtime.

The server at Seaford Intersport decided to not allow anyone to connect earlier. It has been disconnected from the Lewes server for too long and now has a headache and doesn’t want to play anymore. I sent an email to Richard suggesting he gets a new router. The decision was made to upgrade the broadband without considering the full implications of the change. The new service is not supported by the old router. The ‘free’ router supplied by the company does not support the services required by the network as it’s cheap and cheerful. Bigger Picture springs to mind… So much for saving money!

The camping is quite busy. I can gauge this by the number of cars parked as I go out on my run early in the morning. It’s Friday so there will be plenty of arrivals – should Maria make it back to the office of course. We are now approaching the busiest point in the summer season until it declines after the holiday on 15 August. It may be my imagination but, for me at least, it has not been too difficult so far. I keep to myself and leave everyone to get on with it. Only another four weeks and it’s all downhill to winter!

Wishing my life away? No, not really but I’m more interested to get to my favourite time of the year where it’s possible to enjoy rather than endure the visitors. Not that the weather had been really hot for that matter. But there’s time yet.

The dogs have been fairly quiet, snoozing under the misters beneath the green shade material stretched over their compound. By this time of day, the sun is blocked out by the van, the canopy and now the roof over the van. The weather station is still in full sunlight in its new position further east. Previously, it would be shaded by the van at this time of day. There was always a bit of a spike in the humidity readings at the time I took my shower in the mornings. All this is now a thing of the past.

Before the weather station was moved. Note the sharp drop in the Solar Radiation graph as the shadow from the van awning etc covers the weather station.
After the station was moved to its new location. Note the Solar Radiation graph now smoothly drops to zero.

I received an email from Nat, Matthew’s wife, thanking me for helping her get her visa application completed. She can now remain in UK until early 2021 whereupon she must apply once more for Settled Status – the last application she will need to make. By that time, it will allow her to remain in UK only. If she wishes to go anywhere in the EU, that will be another matter. She now has a funky biometric ID card which authorises her status. What a performance and what a lot of money!

Mikhalis is still tinkering with Georgia’s boat which has been ‘moored’ outside the workshop since last summer. I wonder if she will get a chance to use it this year? It still needs some more sanding and the hull painting.

The project to beautify the area surrounding the poo tank not far from the central kitchen has faltered. Mikhalis was making good progress but then everything ground to a halt. The trench which was started, which I filled in to avoid accidents, has disappeared from sight. There was talk of burying the cable from the workshop which has dangled from the trees as it crosses the footpath. I fixed this when it was damaged by one of Polychronis’ drivers back in June 2014! There was going to be a water pipe with a hose for cleaning as well as lights… Maybe next summer or the one after…

I discouraged a customer from doing her washing up in the sinks by the workshop. I suggested she use those in the central kitchens. She replied that she could guess what the sinks were used for. I warned her not to even begin to think!

Don’t forget the Blood Moon!




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