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As well as the Grammeno Camping Google website, I have also been working on one for the bar and restaurant as an entity of its own. In fact, I think it was me who put the bar and restaurant onto the Google Map and search website in the first place. To avoid bogus businesses, Google requires the owner to verify the business before the content is made public. To do this, it’s necessary to prove you’re the ‘owner’ by taking a code from the company telephone. There is no phone associated with the bar so the alternative is to enter a code which is sent by Google to the business address. I requested the code a while ago and finally received it from Maria when I went to the office this morning. Partly my fault for not chasing it up but she confirmed she’d had the postcard for ‘a while’.

I borrowed a menu from the restaurant and have uploaded pictures of the menu as well as enter the menu items into the site. I’m not quite sure how these will look until they become live which won’t be until Google has verified the content as suitable. The Grammeno Camping Google entry receives quite a few hits and enquiries. Considering it’s for free, it seems like a worthwhile bit of advertising. Relying on anyone else to manage these websites is futile especially as it took four years just to update the main camping website which was first written around nine years ago! We will see what rewards my efforts produce.

It got windy as the day progressed but it was sunny with a high of nearly 32℃, warmer than yesterday although it didn’t feel so warm because of the wind.

Luis and Fido were reasonably quiet after a noisy start by Luis. This might have something to do with all the running about is morning chasing the luminous balls. I didn’t need the lamp I took with me as I’d already ‘charged’ up the balls with a LED lamp whilst I was rounding up the dogs. I did a little experiment last night at bedtime by leaving the balls next to the light for a few minutes before I went to bed. The ball I took into the van was still glowing in the morning.

The moon was even higher than the previous day and much brighter as there were fewer clouds and the moon was virtually overhead. Even with the moonlight, the balls were reasonably visible. On a dark morning, they would have been brighter.

Only two more days left in July and so far there are eighteen⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ratings and three ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ones and one of only three. That includes an extensive review and rating from Ursula. There are still a couple of days left of the month and the weekends are usually better for ratings. Considering there were only 31 reviews in the whole of 2017 that’s only nine more than for this month alone! Things appear to be looking up.

I know that a lot of emphases is placed on Facebook, which I agree is very popular in Greece. I had to explain to Georgia that not everyone else is so in love with Facebook. She wanted to direct everyone to Facebook to leave a ‘like’ before they were allowed to connect to the camping WiFi but I think I have talked her out of that one.

The dogs are now walked, fed and in bed. Hopefully, the meat will render them unconscious and we’ll all have a peaceful night.

I have some beans on the stove gently cooking.

Ursula has received the pressure cooker ordered from Amazon which she will kindly be bringing out to me in September.


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