It rained – but only a few drops

Day 3 and the balls are still going down well. It was breezy so I hoped it would keep the mosquitoes at bay but it was also very warm and close so they were not going to be put off. It’s amazing what they will do to get your blood! Fido and Luis are suitably tired and Fido made not a sound last night despite the neighbours coming to the fence twice to plug in their phones to my electricity. There are no sockets anywhere near as Janne and Erica quite sensibly turn theirs off when they leave.

It was just getting light as I started my run and the cars still had their lights on. Funny, each day it gets a little darker in the morning – I can’t understand it! Soon I shall need to have a light just to be sure to be seen. My running kit has reflective bands so I should be visible enough. It was extremely dark when I was running from Glebe Close but there are street lights for most of the route except the bit over Juggs Road on the Downs. I was not alone this morning for the guy who runs out from Paleochora was there again. But not the bloke on the motorcycle.

Seaford Inter Sport has been disconnected from the Lewes store since they changed Internet service a couple of months ago. Servers don’t like it when they can’t talk to each other which is why all the wheels fell off last Friday. Mike Fuller delivered the new router I requested at 09:15 so I’ve spent most of the day fiddling around with routers and trying to get the servers to play nicely again. They stop trusting each other after a while so have to be coaxed back together again. I think they are beginning to talk to each other now. Most of the nasty red crosses by the services and directories have disappeared. A few more replications and they should be sorted.

The weather forecast talked about the possibility of a storm in the middle of the day when I looked this morning. As it turned out, there were only a few, quite sizeable, spots of rain with pattered musically upon my new roof. It was nothing really but got everyone guessing. There is quite a bit of storm activity over the Greek mainland and Eastern Europe. The northerly wind may bring us something later perhaps. Funny weather this summer.

I spoke to the Italian woman who I put next to Janne and Erica on Saturday. I mentioned the Greek Invasion surrounding them and suggested that other times of the year are quieter. They are both teachers and have children so are limited to the school holidays. In Italy, there are no half-term holidays apparently. Just longer holidays. Their kids were playing Uno with the Greek kids earlier. It makes the dogs bark when they call out but then they have to get used to it. I’ve also got some noisy slightly older Greeks on the Northern Frontier so there will be plenty of scope for barking later. But then they will just have to “Suck it up” as the Americans so nicely say.

I have beans on the hob. I’m eating lots of beans and lentils at present as it’s not that hot I don’t feel like something to fill me up. Dr Greger wants everyone to eat beans and lentils three times each day! Slightly excessive I feel. Once is enough for me. As for any associated side effects of bean consumption, these can be largely dealt with by properly soaking the beans beforehand. Also, your friendly bacteria are able to digest the beans when you have an established population. Apparently, pre-biotics are the way to go. It’s important to nurture your microbiome if you wish to remain in good health. No naughty animal products to kill off your Good Bacteria and encourage Bad Bacteria. Once I get my new pot there will be no stopping me!

The dogs are all quietly awaiting the Evening Walk. Even Luis and Even Oskar!!

They are now quietly awaiting their supper whilst waiting in their respective runs. It’s still light so they can afford to wait until I’ve dealt with my own.



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