Noisy Little Blighters!

I was sorry to learn that Henry passed away last night. Having lost two dogs this year I know it’s not easy to lose a friend who has been with you for so long. Fortunately, I have another seven dogs to keep me busy.

The dogs are being surprisingly quiet considering the general racket and noisy outbursts emanating from the kids on the other side of the fence. I shall be extremely pleased when they go off to eat soon. (They’ve gone now)

I decided to put up some of the awning rail which Ursula and Tony brought out during their previous visit. The rail is described as 6mm, the size of the insert which my sun blockers use. Only now that I have attached a couple of sections of the channel to the canopy do I discover that it is designed to accept an insert up to 10mm. The next challenge is to find a way to adapt the insert so that it fits into the larger channel of find some rail with a smaller channel.

The Italian family from next door were standing waiting by their car this morning as I returned from my run just before 07:00. They told me they are visiting the Samaria Gorge today so were presumably heading into Paleochora to catch the bus to Omalos where the gorge begins. It has been 33℃ today so probably not that bad for walking.

Mikhalis tells me that he has only another sixty days left of his sentence. He is working until the end of September as most staff do. Last year he felt a little let down as Georgia ended his employment in the middle of September if I recall correctly. He was painting chairs in the workshop when I passed which is not one of his favourite tasks. He seems a little stir-crazy and perhaps a little bored!

Two more requests for information via the Grammeno Google website. These are customers making price enquiries so I do not need to involve Maria. She announced yesterday whilst I was down at the bar, that she would be definitely replying to Ursula’s long-overdue email. She seemed a little put out when she saw the look of disbelief on my face. A member of the bar staff agreed that I had grounds for scepticism. Ursula confirmed today that she’s not received a reply from Maria.

A sneaky browse through the cameras last night provided a glimpse of Georgia and entourage sitting down at a long table in the bar to celebrate her 56th birthday. I remember being present at the same time last year as I was attending Janne’s sixtieth which was celebrated on the same night. There was lots of singing of Happy Birthday that evening. Especially as Janne seemed to have half of Sweden present!

I’m expanding my weather station to include lightning data. I was sent an email about a year ago in response to an enquiry I’d made to join a network which collects together lightning strike information. Due to one thing or another, I didn’t order the equipment at the time but have decided to now. The data is displayed in real-time on a Website for everyone to benefit: data collection for this area is somewhat lacking. There are many weather stations on Crete but only one is set up to collect lightning information. We have a lot of thunderstorms here too!

If I don’t take the dogs out for a walk soon, Obi is going to wear out the floor with all this walking up-and-down!

I listened to the recording I make most days when I’m out in the mornings to discover a certain amount of noise in my absence. Not more than a couple of minutes but nevertheless, at that time of the morning, annoying enough. As of tonight, Luis will be residing alone in the storeroom leaving Charlie and Princess in the large houses. If there is any noise in the evenings or at night, you can guess that Luis is the instigator!  The storeroom will deaden any sound from Luis and hopefully not encourage the others to join in. Charlie will not be allowed to roam free in the mornings and will join the others inside.

Luis has now become remarkably calm and quiet. One might even think he is aware that something is going to change when he saw me move one of the houses into the storeroom.




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