Happy campers?

After weeks of hardly any wind at all, there is plenty this evening with more forecast for tomorrow evening. A good test for my roof and canopy but may end up emptying the camping. The people in tents will have a bit of a rough evening and tomorrow for most of the day. It’s at times like this that everything gets covered in a layer of dust and any papers or rubbish blows around the camping. After a couple of days, it becomes quite wearing.

In view of the forecast, I put up the sail shade as the wind is predominantly from the east and north. I was going to reuse the bungee balls from last year but they have stretched and their elasticity has disappeared. I bought plenty in anticipation. I think I can get the elastic from China and reuse the balls as they are still fine.

Sail shade back in position at the eastern end

I snipped off a few annoying branches which were banging on the roof. I can see there are others which will also require my attention. When it blows hard, it’s surprising how far the branches bend and then scrape and bash the metal frame and sheets on top. Reminds me of the story of the ‘Phantom Violinist’.

It was calm this morning with only a breath of wind as we walked along the rocks. Zero interest in my balls again so we spent the time exploring the rocks instead. Despite this, we were back a little later and it takes me a bit longer to sort all the dogs now that Luis is in the storeroom and Charlie is put inside too. It will be easier once Ursula arrives as she can do her pilates on the decking and the dogs can remain at liberty.

There was slightly more wind when I rode to Paleochora but it seemed to work in my favour. Fortunate really as I had a chunk of watermelon and a bag full of other heavy items. The olives are still on offer at 3.50€ per kilo. You get a lot of olives in a kilo but they have quite big stones so I end up eating more of them.

The Big Noisy Kids to the north have left however the Italians and Greek children to the south are still present. They are in quite a sheltered spot so will not suffer too much from the wind at night. I should imagine the beach is empty and the sea quite rough. Alonaki ( Αλωνάκι), the stony beach will probably be deserted when I take the dogs out for their evening jaunt. I’ve been surprised at how busy the beach has been in the evenings. Not so many tourists but mostly yer actual Greeks! Not much going on in the morning for some reason. Only one motorhome parked there.

There were a couple of cars in the car park this morning but I let most of the dogs go anyway. I guessed one lot were sleeping on Grammeno Beach and I never discovered when the others were. I only let a couple off to begin with and gather them up well before the end. I can usually tell if they can smell someone so automatically go another direction.

I think perhaps Luis will be quite pleased to be in the storeroom this evening. I took him out late last night as it was very warm in there. I put him in with Fido in the former Boris enclosure. They behaved fairly well although there was one episode of barking in the night.

I have a new app on my iPhone and iPad for recording any barking whilst I’m out in the mornings. The previous app recorded well enough but reviewing the recordings was a bit painful. This app shows each recording in waveform so it’s fairly easy to spot the difference between dogs barking, cicadas chirping and the wind blowing. This means I’m far more inclined to check them rather than having to wade through loads of chirping cicadas!

Maria is having a birthday today as I discovered when I visited the office. I needed another Google verification code as I discovered I’d created a clone of the Bar and Restaurant site. My clone did not have the previous reviews and photos left by last year’s customers. Also, the other site has been live for a year longer so is more likely to have positive attributes. I have now closed and deleted the clone and will concentrate on the first site I created last year. How I came to create a clone I don’t know.

The genuine article and not the clone.

Grammeno Camping Bar and Restaurant

I met an English couple just getting in their car at CBV. They are at the end of their second week. We talked a bit until I accidentally let go of some of the dogs who legged it across the field in search of adventure. I got them back by which time the couple had left Cedar Bay Villas and drove to where I was standing. I suggested they might like to come to Grammeno for the October half term. She is a teacher in a private school so gets two weeks holiday. Not quite the same as staying at CBV but then a lot cheaper too. They are considering getting a place in Crete but I suggested they should come and stay for a bit to get the hang of it. So many have gone wrong due to not having enough information and rushing into things.

The wind has moderated but it’s going to be a bit breezy all night and tomorrow too although the prediction for tomorrow has also moderated. I feel for those here on only a week’s holiday. I don’t care much either way and I know what to expect.

At least it’s cooler so there should be no mosquitoes in the morning. Still quiet on the northern front.

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