Windy and hot this morning

You’d think the mosquitoes would stay at home when it’s very windy but that was not the case for all of them. One at least came buzzing around my ears despite the fairly strong wind.

A good blow always makes the dogs go crazy and they were barmy enough last night. Not helped by me dropping the lead and four of them running off. I threw one ball this morning to a cool reception except for Charlie. But then Luis and Fido engaged with the concept and it was business as usual despite the wind taking the balls everywhere and the heat. Luis huffed and puffed his way up and down the beach and Fido raced around as usual. At one point, I lost track of one of the balls as Luis had cunningly buried it in the sand! We were up a little earlier today so left punctually for the run over the rocks before returning to Grammeno. There was a rosy glow to the east but not a lot more as we made our way across the beach going back. A pickup with two men had just arrived in the car park. I suspect they were going fishing. If they were after salt, they were too late as Kostas had already been and gone. The fresh tyre tracks in the sand told that story.

After my run, I went to the main bathroom for a shower. Not because the water is any warmer there because it isn’t: there’s a lot less wind blowing around one’s nether regions though. It’s been quite a while since I took a shower in there as my private facility has been fine. In the mornings, the water is cold and, together with a strong, easterly wind, it makes for an unpleasant hygiene experience.

The wind was still strong as I cycled to Paleochora which was helpful on the return leg. I passed a group of mountain bikers with huge tyres. I don’t recall seeing bikes with such big wheels and tyres. The drag on the tarmac must have been significant. I put skinny, smooth road tyres on my bike for that very reason.

It didn’t seem that long and it was time for my weekly phone call. And before I knew it we were cut off as it was already 14:00. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun!

The remainder of the afternoon was pretty uneventful. The dogs slept, and so did I. The sun shone and the wind didn’t blow quite as hard as expected. It is more comfortable with the sail shade in position as this provides shelter from the wind and filters out much of the heat from the sun. I didn’t have the sail shade this early last year but then I had sun blockers up. Not having a sun blocker on the south side is a disadvantage as is the west one especially when the sun is low. The sun is on its way back south so will once again rise over the sea rather than behind the mountains.

I shall probably keep getting up at 04:30 until the end of August but then move to 05:00 as the nights get longer. Sunrise is now 06:36 and it will be 06:57 on 1 September. We have a couple of months until the clocks go back on 28 October.

The dogs are waiting for their walk so I’d better charge my watch and get them ready.

The Greek family to the south have left so now the Italians can enjoy the peace and quiet I promised them a week ago. I do not know how much longer they plan to stay. They said one week, a week ago. Maybe they want to enjoy their solitude now they actually have some.

Contrary to the forecast, the wind is now very light and tomorrow should be calmer than today. That said, there are still a few gusts.

In less than three weeks there will be a certain 91st birthday. So much for three-score years and ten!


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