New neighbours to the north

It was an almost perfect morning! I jumped out of bed, dragged on some shorts and off we went. Even Fido kept reasonably quiet for a change. He tends to get a little excited before walks. They were all quite quiet last night probably because it was cooler. Only 23℃ inside the van! It was nicer than previous nights.

There was a sight breeze, some remaining moon and no FreeLoaders on the Promontory. Fido, Luis, Oskar and Charlie rushed about after the two luminous balls, however, surprisingly, it was Luis who was the most active. Fido abandoned the ball at one point and Oskar is often more interested in running off with the ball than running after it. Charlie has understood the game and manages to bring the ball back and drop it.

We did our thing, walked the rocks, had our biscuits and returned to the camping. I left them and went off running. There was no a sound recorded despite the visiting dog right the other side of the north fence. There is supposed to be someone responsible for pitching the customers. You’d hope they wouldn’t shove someone with a dog right next to me. But then again…

The first support call was quite early on but was a simple one. I concentrated on getting the EG SAGE accounts all sorted out as they are still in a bit of a mess especially the passwords. I needed to sort out the backups as well.

I later concentrated a few things of my own and the day seemed to run its course.

A drone has been buzzing overhead which tends to get the dogs quite excited. It’s been quite warm with a high of 35.7℃. Not particularly hot for August but hotter than the past couple of days.

There were several Greek reviews on the Gremmeno Camping Google site today, one which stated the prices for the restaurant and the Small Cabins were high but otherwise ⭐️⭐️⭐️ which is average.


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