Apocalypse Now!

Dimitris appeared at the gate brandishing a new tablet device which Georgia had recently acquired as a birthday gift from her entourage. She needed it set up and could I come to do it now. I explained that I do not happen to keep everyone’s password information in my head, I’d need to look it up and did he wish to leave it for me to set up. He insisted that he would be able to do it given the proper information. I sent an email to Georgia containing the relevant information threatening to go to the bar ‘later’ to deal with any eventualities.

He set it all up correctly so there was nothing for me to do when I eventually arrived. Georgia’s friend from Athens was at the table together with Lena and others. We got to talking about the camping and I mentioned the Google sites for the bar and the camping. Georgia was most excited by the feedback and impressed with the activity on the sites. I suggested that feedback on Google is an important way to attract customers and an active Google website is required to do this.

During the remainder of the evening, we discussed new wooden cabins, doing up T1-T3, installing cookers for the winter, no more Albanians, attracting motorhomes, pricing strategy, online booking systems and more. The resolution was to get more organised after I complained about the farcical process of getting booking information and prices in a timely fashion. I pointed out that there was a good stream of enquiries from the Google sites which shouldn’t be ignored. That it would be better to focus on sensible Northern European customers than have the camping trashed by Albanians.

I have now been tasked with getting an online booking system operational for September but excluding the July/August 2019 period as Greeks prefer to talk to someone and not do stuff online… apparently. Georgia’s friend is very influential so I was able to get a lot of business dealt with. I finally went to bed at 02:00 as the night has simply slipped away. Georgia really has a thing about people cooking in T1-T3 but says she will pilot it this winter. (!)

As far as I know, the dogs remained quiet during my extended absence but were pleased with my return. Good considering there is a fairly noisy family with a big dog right on my northern fence.

The boat has gone, presumably to the water to be replaced by Mikhalis’ pickup. He has 53 more days of his sentence before parole.

I had to catch up on my beauty sleep today but have been busy all the same. The aroma of freshly cooked beans permeates the air.

Despite my short night, I was awake at 04:15 and completed my daily exercise.

The battery on my Apple laptop has given up the ghost after four years and requires replacement. Apple charges an eye-watering £200 for the pleasure but it does involve seriously dismantling the laptop and ungluing the battery pack from the under casing. I  think I will do it myself for about £80.

Luis was very active this morning so has been noticeably quiet today.

The top temperature is 36.4℃ so warm enough.

I shall be staying in tonight.


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