Rude awakening

The FreeLoader on the Promontory probably had a bit of a rude awakening this morning. I spotted a car in the Grammeno Beach car park but wondered if they might just be sleeping on the beach. I let Fido and Charlie go but kept the others just in case. When we arrived at the end of the Promontory I gradually let off the others.

It should have dawned on me when Oskar started his loud barking that he was on to something and reacquired them all again. Luis wandered off with Pea on a mission of discovery which lead to a bit of a barkathon for a couple of minutes. By this time, I had taken Charlie, Princess and Obi and Oskar onto the rocks later to be joined by the others. All but Charlie and Oskar were reacquired as he had stayed with me. We stood and admired the dark sky and sea then continued back the way we’d come. Charlie remained free and eventually joined us in time to be directed to his house.

I went off running and managed to get back before Xanthippos reported for duty and fired up the New Ferrari. I notice that the Grammeno Ferrari has been relegated to a spot adjacent to the other rotting vehicle in the overflow car park. But then you never know when it, or a part of it, may be required in the future.

After a brief visit to the kitchen to reset their camera, I went into Paleochora for a little shopping. It was no record today as it was hot and windy. I visited Maria on my return. She mentioned something about some Germans whose dog was wandering free. I went to investigate to find it quietly tied up so decided to leave well alone. Athina had been out with her small son Georgos and another boy when I went out with the dogs the other evening. She comes regularly to the camping each summer. I remember eating snails with her and husband Giannis in July 2014. Georgos is getting quite big now and will start proper school later. We sat and chatted and she gave me a little biscuit she’d baked but couldn’t get Georgos to even try. I ate a couple so am sneezing nicely now. She said she used oats as she didn’t have any flour. The dogs were still quiet when I finally arrived back at 10:25. I checked my recordings to discover they’d not made a sound since 06:00 when I put them in their houses.

The rest of the day has been taken up with various frivolous IT tasks none of which has been successfully completed.

I wandered next door to spy on the newly-arrived Greek couple who were directed to pitch their tent next to Erica and Janne’s van. Not in their sphere of control so no interest to me. I put in some extra watering pipes to deal with the three Aloe Veras planted under the carob tree. I can’t be bothered to water them separately so installed some drippers. UPDATE The Greek couple have now disappeared! Lock, stock and barrel!

The sun is no longer annoyingly in my eyes and soon to disappear behind the storeroom for another day.

I have ordered a replacement battery for my MacBook and confected a way to stop the magnetic connector from being inadvertently pulled out. Each time the power connector is pulled out or the electricity goes off, my laptop reboots which is kind of annoying if you’re in the middle of something. Apple would not approve of my modificaiton to one of their flagship products!

Apple would not approve. Not an elastic band in sight although I have a packet of them somewhere.

The replacement battery kit will be delivered by FedEx all the way from Luxemburg as they seemed to be the cheapest. American suppliers said they were unable to send a battery with any of their carriers for some reason. A pity really as they are cheaper but sometimes get delayed due to customs duties. Luxemburg is in the EU so no problems there!

Off out with the dog in a few minutes as it’s already 19:30.

The man with an annoying cough and the large dog, who encamped right next to my northern fence has disappeared. I’m not sure exactly when that was but will lose no sleep!


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