Only twenty-one days

Mikhalis announced at the beginning of the month that he had sixty days to go before he finished work for the summer. Whenever I’ve seen him I’ve updated the count which I did just now. He then told me that it’s going to be twenty-one not fifty-one days as he’s finishing at the end of August and not September as he said previously. His explanation was “πολά νέυρα” which translates as lots of nerves (stress). He’d be happy to finish today if possible.

I recall Georgia telling me before the season began that Mikhalis had a job elsewhere but that it fell through so he’d asked to work at Grammeno. She said that she didn’t wish to say no as he’s a friend. Anyway, by the end of the month, the season is practically over so I’m sure Xanthippos will take up any slack. He’ll be delighted as that puts him in charge without being overshadowed by Mikhalis.

There was a brief chorus this morning on the last leg of the walk so I assume the same FreeLoader is still in residence. I saw no cars at all in the GB car park. The main contributors to the chorus were Fido and Luis so they were left behind and had to catch up with us. No biscuits for them either – so there!

It was quite windy as we set out although the wind moderated for the middle of the day. It is now quite blowy again. I had an easy run back from Paleochora as well as an easy ride. Going was more problematic…

No significant IT problems today other than just now with Terry contacting me about his emails. I’ve been getting it together with VPNs now that the camping has a sensible Internet connection and that Inter Sport Seaford branch has a good connection too. With their replacement router, I can now connect from here and bounce all of my Internet traffic through their router and pretend to be in UK. This means I can watch BBC iPlayer and also Channel4. I’m not too bothered about much else although I’ve been toying with a subscription to NetFlix for those long, winter nights. I used to try to view remotely in the past however the connection was so poor it was too painful to view anything. Loads of spooling with the little circular thing going round every couple of minutes.

I have new neighbours north and south. A young couple with a baby to the north and another couple to the south. Next week is the holiday so from then on it should start to quieten down. Not that I’m counting the days you understand…

I washed some shorts and polo shirts earlier. They are flapping around in the wind and the dust and may not be so clean when they are dry. Everything seems to be gaining I layer of dust as I write. I think I might take the dogs out soon as I suspect everyone will be leaving the beach earlier.

Pea was left behind for the evening walk as he decided to run out of the gate as I came into the SDC with Obi. He found himself in the main compound watching as the others went for their walk. He made a bit of a racket whilst we were away but there were plenty of other dogs making noise too. We encountered two small girls who came into the field to pet the dogs. This distracted them from barking at the big dog I sometimes pet whilst out running in the morning. One of the girls had a relative who ran a pet grooming studio in Athens. They both spoke good English. Not school English.

They are now in their nighttime compounds and Pea is back with the others. I have just to feed them and to put them to bed then I’m done for the day.

I cooked up loads of fakes and a couple of beetroots earlier. I have a fresh corn on the cob too. This should compliment my tomatoes, cucumber and olives.

Tomorrow looks windy in the night with gusts over 80km/h forecast. That will probably translate to around 70km/h.

Ursula alerted me to an interesting program on Channel4 about gut biome which I managed to watch earlier. The format was pretty predictable but the information was good and the science was sound.





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