Windy night ahead – why did I wash the floor?

It was windy this morning as I dragged myself from my pit. I was up and down in the night so didn’t wake until the alarm as I was fast asleep. I was not feeling too enthusiastic as I dragged on my shorts and turned my polo shirt the right way out.

The dogs were keen enough although perhaps a little subdued. We played ball until 05:30 and then wandered over the rocks standing a few moments on the highest point to enjoy the blackness and the warm wind. All presented themselves quickly at the meeting point. Particularly Luis and Fido as they’d lead the choir the previous day.

I went off running, into the wind on the outbound. A rather unhappy cat lay outstretched in the road about 2.5kms out. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of it about. I was pushed back but still arrived after Xanthippos had taken Heap #2 down the camping to collect the rubbish. It was blowing a little less by this time it seemed.

Another shower in the main bathroom before biking into the wind once more. A quick turnaround involving some veg and 1kg olives before an equally quick trip back to Grammeno. Again, the dogs were mostly quiet other than a little excitement when Xanthippos came to mount his charger at 07:55. He’s just returned the beast now. No doubt he’ll be back later. He seems to be here at all hours and doesn’t have a home to go to. He was doing something involving a ladder which he insisted on returning to the workshop after using it. I’m not sure why he didn’t employ the usual practice of leaving it for someone to trip over. The dogs barked as expected so he muttered something in reply. I simply ignored him.

Mikhalis has taken to closing the door of the workshop pretending to be out somewhere on site. I suspect he’s trying to keep a low profile and perhaps avoid contact and conflict.

I had a couple of support calls today but nothing terribly exciting to report. Mostly silly little things your average teenager could fix.

I sorted out by dry provisions shelves removing some elderly items to the rubbish. It’s a bit more organised and I can see most items. I seem to have a couple of duplicates. packs where I bought a replacement not seeing the one buried under all the others. Dried fruit and nuts last a long time anyway.

A notification’s just arrived to say that Stephania Archonaki has just added some photos to the Google website. Blowed if I can see them anywhere!

Some banging from without indicates Xanthippos is still hard at work straightening out tent pegs. I hope the customers think to batten down the hatches tonight if the forecast comes to pass! A peek through the camera shows Mikhalis mixing up concrete in the barrow! Seems a funny time of the day for that kind of work as it’s his going home time now.

It was windy enough during the evening wander. There were some punters out on the beach despite the conditions and we wandered around on a reversed route for a change. It’s getting dark now and the dogs have been put in their houses with their food. Luis is better off as he is in the storeroom where it’s pleasantly warm and out of the wind. The others will be fine as their houses are substantial albeit more exposed than in the winter position.

If the forecast is correct, it will get progressively windier until tomorrow morning. Poor tent-dwellers!


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