Grave robbers!

I’m not sure I’ve seen the camping quite so busy for a long time! There were people still setting up their tents after 22:00. They decided to leave their car where Mikhalis leaves his truck during the day. That didn’t stay there long once he came in this morning.

I watched the first episode of a French special agent series called ‘No Limit’ last night. It’s all too silly for words but quite amusing and set in the South of France. The plot is semi-serious with some good characters and some amusing script and funny asides. I was laughing my head off at one point. It was bought by Channel Four and is available to watch freely.

I think there is someone camping near the entrance to the last part of the Promontory as the dogs have been barking these past two mornings. I should imagine it’s a good spot as it’s sheltered from the wind. The interesting thing is that the dogs bark as they pass by but then seem to ignore the tent once they are at the end of the Promontory, only a short distance away. It was mostly Luis and Fido interested in chasing the ball today. Oskar and Charlie seemed more interested in playing together.

On the way back we passed by the graves to discover that something has made a good job of trying to dig up Boris’ grave. There are some pretty substantial stones on top of it so it must have required a bit of effort. I tied the dogs up nearby and put everything back as it was. We buried him quite deep so it would take a bit of determination to go down that far. If whatever it is comes back, it has to start all over again.

It was another hard run and cycle this morning. I was the only one about and was out a little later than usual due to the time consumed with grave repairs.

At least now the wind has calmed down with only occasional strong gusts. The highest is 53km/h so far today. The temperature made is to 32.8℃ with a minimum of 25.3℃.

Average temperatures for the past four years. We are past the maximum point now
Maximum temperatures for the past four years. 2017 had higher temperatures than 2018

I understand from Maria that a package has arrived via courier and has completed the last leg of its journey on the bus. She said she would ask Manolis to drop by the bus station this morning to pick it up. I suspect it’s my lightning reception equipment which I would like to get set up before this year’s lightning season which is usually in October. I need a GPS aerial amongst other things as well as to actually build up the equipment as not all parts are soldered into the board. It will be good to have an alternative lightning station on Crete.

What with young babies and dogs nearby, it’s been a demanding day for the dogs. Luis was a little vocal earlier on be he eventually settled down leaving Oskar to take on his role. There have been a lot of ‘noises off’.

All-in-all, it’s not been a terribly active day for me.


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