Better day

I got the decking painted yesterday so it’s looking better today. Just needs another coat on some of it which I couldn’t do the other day as I ran out of product. I don’t think I need to do the wood under the canopy as that doesn’t really get the weather like the other.

I have changed the battery on my laptop so now that is working properly again. It had transformed itself to slow mode after I reset the charging system to be sure that the problem was the battery. Once I removed the back of the laptop, it was easy to see that the batteries were completely dead. The cells had bulged up and were even deforming the case.

The kit I bought would normally contain acetone to dissolve the adhesive used to glue the battery pack to the base of the laptop. I mentioned that this was not included in this kit as it was sent internationally. I looked at a video on YouTube where someone first applied solvent and then used some thin string to cut through the adhesive pads. I have also heard of people using dental floss which might work well too. I decided to not bother getting acetone and try the string method. I could also see that the prescribed method required dismantling loads of the laptop including the main logic board. More scope for things to go wrong. I simply undid the screws to the battery pack, inserted my string and cut under each of the battery cells which make up the pack. Out came the battery pack! I spent more time removing the residue of the adhesive and pads using a plastic scraper and 93ยบ alcohol. (yes, I know that’s not the correct symbol). The laptop is all fired up and work correctly. I also took the opportunity to remove the cooling fans to extract most of Obi’s hair from within! All I have to do is condition the battery by charging it up fully, discharge it, then leave it overnight to stabilise.

Tomorrow is 15 August so the camping is full, full, full! This is the height of the season, and the year, so from 16th, it’s all downhill to winter. Hurrah! Obviously, I accept the camping cannot survive on the likes of me so we just have to put up with all these customers cluttering up the place! It’s all very stressful for everyone.

I have been looking into online booking and management systems for the camping. Georgia caught me on the hop last week by agreeing to give one a try. I had a demonstration from one company and asked them a few questions. They have not replied so I’m looking elsewhere. I’ve tried out another system which seems quite user-friendly. If we could get something decent, it would make Maria’s job a lot easier and we could concentrate on looking after the punters and just deal with the odd bod who can’t or won’t book online. I think we’d have more winter trade and everything would be more transparent. I can understand that Georgia doesn’t wish for too much transparency but she also understands that people are going to pay by card more and more. Now I have an account in Euros, I pay very little in cash now. Even Polichronis and Antonis got bank transfers for the latest work I had done. Greece may be going into the 20th century! Grammeno Camping needs to go too if it’s to survive the next thirteen years.

My quest for awning rail continues. I now have 36m of rail which is the wrong size. I have asked for details from two more suppliers and am being very precise with my questions. This time, I want to be absolutely certain everything is correct before ordering. Not just relying on the description on the websites as the information is often incorrect. Just reading what is on the packing is useless. I want real-world measurements with supporting photos if possible!

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