Progress on the online booking facility

Having been caught on the hop by Georgia agreeing to take on an online booking and back office system, I thought I’d better spend some time to find the right product for the camping. The product I initially was interested in was demonstrated online for me however I felt it might not be too easy for people to use to make their bookings. I started to look at other products and have decided that CampManager would offer everything the camping needs with scope for more in the future. I contacted the company and they have been very quick to respond to my questions and have today provided pricing for the first and subsequent years. The first year is about setting up the system to suit the business so is a little bit more. I spent time chatting to Takis, Georgia’s friend who I’ve seen at the camping on previous years. He has been coming here nearly as long as me! He works for Orange Business and is a client account manager. He knows how businesses should be run and can point Georgia in the right direction. He agrees with me that if the camping is to stay ahead of the game, changes need to be made and systems need creating so that things are more organised and professional. He will spend time with Georgia and go through it all with her. If there are now two of us chipping away at her we will hopefully get somewhere.

Today is the Dormition of the BVM so the camping is super-full as I discovered as I went out for my run this morning. I left a little earlier and was back just before 07:00. Despite the holiday, Petrakis was busy and I bumped into Martin who has also changed to eating more vegetables and reduce his animal dependence.

This evening I had a visit from the couple who have been coming to Grammeno for the past four summers. They both work in education. The came the first year at the time of the financial controls when the camping was mostly empty. It was before the time of the fence so they were camped just up from me. This time they are tucked in a shady spot in the centre of the camping. They are going off for a walk to Anydri tomorrow to check out the new track and will report back to me. We are going to meet up again in the evening.

The remainder of the day has been taken up with this and that including a telephone call to mummy to see how she is.

The power has been on and off several times today so I’m glad my laptop is working properly again today. I would have been driven mad otherwise. I don’t know what is wrong with the power recently.

I’m being eaten alive out here so better go in and get some food which is cooking happily on the gas.

It’s all downhill to season end now…

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