Frustrating day

It was a quiet night. Both Luis and Fido had e-collars on. Total bliss! The problem is, there are so many dogs on the camping at present, there is nearly always some sound or other to tempt a doggy reply. The others mostly keep quiet.

The Early Walk was a little disappointing as there were a number of cars parked in the beach car park so I guessed there would be people sleeping on the Promontory. Hardly surprising as yesterday was the National Holiday. There was also a pickup which I saw yesterday morning too. I decided we’d all walk on the lead today but took them on the usual route, just without any free time. We sat on the rocks looking at the stars and then moved to another spot before returning to base. They seemed reasonably ok with that and were suitably quiet when I went out for my run.

I was not the only runner today as I met two runners and a couple walking in the direction of Kountoura. My man on his motorbike passed me as I was on the return run and there was lots of waving and good mornings. Perhaps, one day he will stop and we might have a conversation.

It is a bit of a frustrating day as I’m trying to get a quote off to a family in Germany who wish to stay 14 nights at the camping in September/October. The email arrived in the night so I was keen to get a response out as soon as possible. After all, this is potentially 750€ for the camping. Unfortunately, I have run into the usual bottleneck to try to get accommodation information despite sending an email to Maria and going to the office three times. I won’t bore you with the details but I’m beginning to lose the will to live! I also know for a fact that customers are not staying at the camping because of the problems trying to get prices and availability information.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to get the companies which supplied awning rail of the wrong size to arrange returns but I have managed to order rail of the correct size which should hopefully be delivered before Ursula and Tony leave for France next week.

Other than that, I have dealt with a few small IT support enquiries.

It has been warm and sunny with a high of 33.7℃ so far. There has been a light wind and I am able to hear the sea washing up and down on the rocks on the beach. Many of the customers are lounging in the sun whilst others prefer a shady spot under a tree. I know which I prefer.

I have my German friends coming this evening to give me their report on the new walk around Anydri. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say.


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