Another rather unsatisfactory walk

There were plenty of cars parked on the beach parking so it was another lead walk today. The dogs seemed quite calm as we stood to gaze at the sea in a couple of locations at the end of the Promontory. We were back in good time and I noticed just how much darker it is when we get back. I’m using a flashing red light as I run towards Paleochora. I was not alone this morning as there were several runners, of various levels, out doing their thing.

Some people were stirring on the camping as I left at 06:15 and there were even more when I returned at 07:00. Xanthippos came later to take the pickup but this time Luis didn’t bark at him. Something to do with the e-collar he was wearing I suspect. The collars are getting a lot of use at the moment. Oskar has one on now and Luis started off the day with one until 12:00. It was very pleasant not to have to keep telling Luis to keep quiet as I prepared and ate my breakfast. Oskar discovered what happens if he’s wearing the collar and ignores me when I tell him to be quiet. I wonder if he will remember next time.

Despite my attempts at getting accommodation availability information and prices from Maria, I have still heard nothing from her since my first email yesterday morning. I sent another email to Georgia’s email account yesterday evening in the hope that might spur her on. I sent a ‘holding’ email to the potential customer which answered the questions in their original enquiry whilst explaining that the camping is very busy due to the Public Holiday and that availability dates would follow soon. Maria doesn’t seem to understand that clients from abroad need to book their flights, arrange transport and hire cars. I wonder how many emails remain unanswered from potential clients.

It was cloudy and cooler during the first part of the morning although the sun reappeared quite quickly. Today’s top temperature is 31.6℃ which is a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday. There is also a light wind so I can hear the sea on the rocks again. Tomorrow’s forecast is 34 so it could be around 37 as the forecast is often pessimistic.

As expected for this time of the year, the camping is very busy and there’s been quite a lot of hammering-in of tent pegs during the day. There were cars parked on either side of the road when I left for my run this morning and the entrance to the camping is full up too. I’m guessing we’ll have another couple of busy weekends like this and then it will be a slow decline from then on.

I can’t pretend to be sorry when it’s all over but I feel it has been my easiest summer so far. It doesn’t seem as hot as previous years. The dogs seem calmer despite scope for misbehaviour. The dogs are left on their own more: over 1.5 hours each day with the run and the ride. In the past, it would be a quick nip up the road for fifteen minutes. Having the gate onto the field helps enormously as no dog goes onto the camping other than Luis’ few steps to the storeroom mornings and nights. I’m not watering the runs each day but I leave the misters on for most of the day as it’s nice for me as well as for them. Water usage is insignificant compared to what is wasted around the camping with constantly-running toilets and dripping showers throughout the winter.

The power has been off several times today, once for about thirty minutes. This is not uncommon in winter but the summer is usually uninterrupted. Most larger businesses have their own backup generators anyway.

Some clouds are blocking out the sun which normally shines in my eyes at this time of the day as it sets over the storeroom. Another day is nearly done so I’ll need to take out the dogs in a little while. We were a little later last night as the German couple from four years ago came for a chat.


Following a couple more emails, I have at last extracted information from Maria. She didn’t tell me if either accommodation I enquired about was available and one of the prices she gave me was incorrect. She also failed to answer a question about another client. I have written to the customers, sent them the correct prices and pointed them in the direction of Maria. Good luck with that is all I can say!

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