The beginning of the end?

Plenty of departures today and some still packing up now. I shall have a better idea tomorrow morning when I look at the car park. Most of the cars I saw today had Greek registration plates although some may have been rental cars. Unfortunately, we have no statistics as to the nationalities of the customers as that would be far too clever!

There were still several cars in the beach car park this morning so it was yet another day of lead walking other than for Charlie for much of the time and Fido for a short while. Fido blotted his copybook by finding some of the FreeLoaders and barking at them. Not for very long but then you don’t need a dog to bark for very long at 05:00 on a Sunday morning. Maybe tomorrow we will all be able to have a good run about and there will be no cars in the car park. The dogs are rather wired at present so they really need to have a good run.

We are breaking with tradition a little this evening as we had our evening walk a little too early to go straight to bed. They have been given their meat in the two runs and Princess, Charlie, Pea and Oskar had theirs in their houses but with the door left open. The food was eaten up in no time as you can imagine so they are now lying out in the runs. A couple of pigeons are flying about and keep swooping down to try to take water from the dogs’ water bowls. Luis is incapable of doing anything without barking which is going to lead to his premature departure for the storeroom if he’s not careful.

Lots of runners out this morning early and others out when I was cycling to Petrakis and back. By that time it was 30℃ so rather them than me! It was a mere 24℃ when I was out at 06:15. Some of those guys were really going for it, unlike my sedate pace! My German friends stopped on their way to Paleochora to say a second goodbye. They are taking the boat to Sfakia and then returning to Germany. They will have ten days to get used to the idea of going back to school.

All of a sudden it’s got quite windy. Not that I mind as it makes a change and cools down the air. It has been hot again today with a top temperature of 35℃ which is 1.7℃ cooler than yesterday. I had my cooler going again this afternoon.

For me, it’s been another rather inactive day where I’ve been sitting down with my laptop. I’ve been reorganising my extensive music collection and copying it to my cloud server. I’ve installed some cunning software which allows me to stream the music over the Internet, share playlists and allow others to listen to my tunes. My music has been a bit of a shambles for a while as it’s distributed all over the place requiring consolidating and organising. It’s a huge task not to be undertaken lightly.

The mains power has been driving me nuts today. Particularly as I’ve been using my laptop virtually all the time. I reckon it must have gone off five or six times this afternoon for periods of up to twenty minutes. As far as I know, it affects everyone in the area and not only the camping. Each time the power fails, my cooler stops working and my remote sessions stop working. Quite frustrating when I’m connected to several different remote computers.

It’s starting to get dark so I think the doggies can go to their beds so I can get some food too. They are now quiet so it seems a pity to disturb them from their prone positions around the runs. My solar lights are starting to come on as the sun has been set about fifteen minutes now. More departures or arrivals as I can hear the shutting of car doors elsewhere in the camping.


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