Very draughty again

Not quite shaking the van this morning but draughty as I struggled from my pit at 04:30. Just remind me, why do I get up at 04:30? There must be a very good reason. One of them is to be out whilst it’s cool, another is to avoid all the people who are here on holiday. Reason #2 doesn’t seem to be working out for me at present as there were loads of cars in the beach car park when I went out this morning.

Another walk on the leash for all except for Charlie. He can manage to keep with me most of the time and tends not to wander off very far. Even if there were people lurking in tents, he’s more likely just to walk on by as the saying goes. He gets to wander whilst the others have to stand with me and admire the vista. I called his name and he came straight back. What a good boy! He’s not being quite such a good boy now as he’s barking at the pigeon perched atop the telegraph pole, not shitting in my weather station. If the pigeon can manage to shit in my weather station from there, especially bearing in mind the wind, he’s doing well. It reminds me of Ronnie Barker, in the first episode of Porridge, having his physical. Holding up a small bottle, the doctor asks him to pee in it, at which point, as expected, Fletcher replies “From here!”.

The little plant is a cutting from Janne’s bougainvillaea. I made a number of cuttings however this is the only survivor of the summer heat. The others have gone the way. This one was doing well and then suddenly looked as if it, too, had died. I carried on watering it and it rewarded me by growing again. Several of the plants are not looking so well. They get watered each morning but I wonder whether I should water them at night too.

The aroma of cooking beans escapes from the saucepan in the van. I soaked beans but I’m not certain quite why as I bought fresh beans this morning. They will still be fresh tomorrow if they spend the night in the fridge. I’m not sure I can be doing with two lots of beans in the evening. Very soon, I will be able to cook my beans more quickly in my pressure cooker whilst retaining much more or the goodness and flavour. The plan is to have the pressure cooker outside on the decking on my new portable work surface and storage unit. That’s the plan anyway.

The wind is going for it again this evening. It was calmer during the middle of the day but is now freshening up again. There was a gust to 60km/h earlier and I see we are getting up to 50km/h again now. The wind forecast shows a freshening trend through the night although the speed forecast is lower than we’re experiencing now. Hopefully, it will drive all the FreeLoaders away so that the dogs can resume their rightful place of owners of the Promontory. Ursula tells me I have to sort out all the campers who are littering up the camping as well as deal with the FreeLoaders who are sleeping on the Promontory. Even Kostas went home early as he was driving towards us as we walked down the Promontory towards the end. If we pass his stationary vehicle as we walk down, this is not a problem. A moving car with lights and engine running is another thing completely.

Luis is responding to the various barkings coming from around the camping. There are now fewer dogs than before but their temperament is not helped by the wind which makes them all scatty.

Must check on the beans!

The beans were nice with a little fresh lemon juice.

It’s still windy but warm. The dogs are tucked up and, so far, all quiet. The good thing about a bit of wind is that it covers up sounds which otherwise might set them off.

I’m just watching over a computer doing a full virus scan so I suspect it will still be running by morning. I’m not going to sit up all night to watch over it!


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