At 04:15 it was still very blowy and I jumped out of bed but then thought better of it and jumped back in again. It was a warm night – too warm despite having nearly everything open as usual.

Disappointment to find cars still parked near to the Promontory. When will these people go home? I could just let the dogs do their thing but that would entail a certain amount of barking. With a camping full of customers, and every dog in the neighbourhood barking at 05:00, this might not go down too well.

I received an email from a customer who had booked accommodation but not received a confirmation that the payment had been received. It was sent to me and to Maria so I replied politely that the office was extremely busy due to the number of customers in the camping and that I was certain she would receive a response very soon. Strangely, Maria replied only a short time later…

There have been a couple of IT support incidents today but nothing very  much. After all,  it is August, and the holiday season, so it’s hardly surprising there’s not much going on.

I have been trying to sort out my music collection, weeding out all the folders with only one or two tracks. I have so many folders containing mostly the same material, I really need to tidy it up and consolidate it. I stumbled upon a folder containing loads of material I’d forgotten all about including a massive Rolling Stones collection which contains virtually every album or song they ever produced.

The neighbours just the other side of the fence packed up and left today so I breathed a sigh of relief not to have someone jammed up against the fence for a change. Hardly an hour went by and I could hear the arrival of a couple on a motorcycle followed by lots of hammering. That spot must be very attractive for some reason. They at least know there are dogs on the other side of the fence as the dogs made themselves known. They will discover later that I like to have the volume up when I watch TV. It will be nice to eventually be alone again so I don’t have to concern myself with neighbours and just do as I please.

It was a mere 0.4℃ warmer than yesterday. With an accompaniment of wind, it was not excessively hot. It would be nice if it could cool down a little at night so as to make sleeping more pleasant. For some reason, I was woken up around midnight by Princess and Pea making a racket. Usually, Princess is very quiet at night so there must have been some noise, perhaps from the bar. Their barking stopped soon after they heard that I was starting to get out of bed. They know that this is not a good idea and likely to end badly for them. Even half-asleep, I can be accurate with a jet of water from the hose.

The fact that they are not getting proper exercise is starting to make life a little more difficult. They were marching along quite quickly this morning so we extended our route up the road and back down again. A bit like the Grand Old Duke of York but without the ten-thousand men. They were quite wired last night until the effects of their food cut in and they started to fall asleep.

I’m watching the second season of an American detective series called The Wire. The story takes place in Baltimore and is seen through the eyes of the police and the criminals. This series is centred around the goings-on at the docks where there was a serious incident involving some prostitutes. This ties in with a number of other factors including illegal drug sales and imports which were the principal focus of the first series. A special task force is set up in series one but it consists mostly of officers which have been shoved out of their units for one reason or other. No one expects much action from this eclectic group of rejects, however, together they have what it takes to effectively round up some serious criminals. They are not permitted to continue their investigations for fear of them discovering some inconvenient connections and the task force is broken up. Series two sees them gradually reunited and they are more determined to prove their worth. The Brass Hats are mostly interested in getting crime under control so are prepared to give them another try. With this type of series, there are a number of parallel storylines concentrating on the personal lives of the officers as well as the criminals. It’s a great series but I do have trouble understand what they say at times: especially some of the persons of colour.

The sun is well down below the storeroom so the dogs are keyed-up for their evening amble. I need to consider the possibility of putting on a shirt.


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