Gearing down…

One of my Northerly neighbours is just departing. They have a small dog and have been here for several days. The dog was a bit of a bind at the beginning but they seem to have sorted it out. My lot just eventually ignored it most of the time. Not helped by the continuing lack of serious exercise. We did better this morning as I kept them going the whole time out. Not easy when Luis insists on trailing behind all of the time. Except if there’s something really interesting ahead, in which case he forgets his fatigue, poor sore paw or whatever and charges ahead. We went all over the place and I think I know where the FreeLoaders are residing as I inadvertently went there having lost my bearings in the dark.

A poor review for the camping arrived late last night from a French woman complaining that she was offered a dome tent for two adults and two children. I have no idea as to the sizes of the children as I was in no way involved in the proceedings. Apparently, according to the review, they declined the tent and were then offered the nearby caravan. Why they were confined to the rear of the camping I have no idea. They declined the caravan due to the proximity of other tents so decided to cut their losses and leave forfeiting their deposit and first night’s stay. I have not spoken to Maria about it as I have no wish to get involved but it would appear the woman was expecting more than she was offered. I’m not sure she understood that the rental tents cost only 5€ to rent for the night. Naturally, the complaint was slanted in her favour. I made an effort to smooth things over by posting a conciliatory reply, however, the review is still there for all to see. The good thing is that it is only one bad one amongst many good ones. But like speeding points on a driving license, they tend to soon add up. Perhaps keeping the deposit was a mistake: returning it might have mitigated things slightly. I feel it’s probably a lack of communication. Why they didn’t book one of the 4-person cabins I do not know.

Some IT things today and some more uploading and consolidation of my music collection into the Cloud. I hope I don’t run out of Cloud before I run out of music.

There are some beans cooking on the hob with some carrots steaming above. The leeks are already done. It’s going to be beans, leeks and carrots in tomato sauce with a bunch of herbs. Probably whatever comes first to hand. Talking of which…

The mix is now resting on the hob. The dogs are waiting attentively for their Wednesday Animal. I shall serve their food at bedtime as this is extremely effective at getting them all to go immediately to their beds.

The small doggy departure has been replaced by a tent with some young men. They seem sensible enough from their behaviour so far. There is rustling of tent material to the south so I expect there is someone there as well. We have been a couple of days without someone there. They are far away from me so it matters not. The others, to the north will just have to take it as it is.



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