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I was asleep just after 22:30 so thought it was much later when I was woken up by dogs just after midnight. I was therefore relieved that I still had over fours hours left to sleep. I don’t know what made the dogs bark but they stopped when I asked and we all went back to sleep. The man with the motorcycle and the noisy airbed was wandering around in the night and this may also have been a consideration. The young men had a light on at 04:30 and were talking to each other. Their neighbours must have been delighted! I got the dogs together and we left for the Early Walk. Again, it was only Charlie who was allowed any freedom as there was the same number of cars plus two motorhomes parked in the beach car park. Motorhomes are not a problem as the owners tend to sleep in them. There are progressively more motorhomes parked up as September unwinds. The people who sleep on the beaches and Promontory are a nuisance as the dogs find them to bark at them.

We wandered around hardly stopping and trotted around on the roads for a little too. I went and ran returning to find some cat-induced barking. Fortunately, it had just begun so I was able to settle them down. There is no wind so I was able to have an al fresco shower: it’s too chilly when it’s windy and the water goes everywhere too!

I only bought oranges in Paleochora before returning to the camping so it was a quick turnaround. My Apple Challenge for August is to complete 198 workouts of fifteen minutes or more. A ride to Paleochora is 15 minutes each way then there’s the run and the Early Dog Walk. My watch battery is usually very low for the evening walk so I don’t include that as I often put it on charge then. I have only two more workouts to complete to qualify for my challenge. Tomorrow, the auspicious 24 August, is the day to complete my Challenge! I wonder if there’s any other event tomorrow…

Another warm and sunny day with a top temperature of 33.5℃ so pleasantly warm. Some people, including noisy airbed man, have left and I noticed the motorhome and camper parked near the Central Kitchen left yesterday afternoon. I saw a young girl saying a fond farewell to a small cat she’d grown attached to. She could have taken it with her as we have plenty more!

As well as a few IT tasks, I have invoiced EG for my services and collected in my expenses. I have also been fiddling around with my music collection in the cloud doing a bit of tidying up. There are some duplicate folders as well as some duplicate tracks which need consolidating or deleting.

Le Grand Départ has taken place for Ursula, Tony and Heidi today as they commence the first leg of their journey to Grammeno. They plan to stay at their house in France for a couple of days to catch up with the garden amongst other things. Then they will head across France to Italy for the ferry to Patras. I believe they are staying overnight somewhere and visiting Tony’s sister and husband. The latter are still getting the house together so resident visitors are not too welcome at present. The garden is a ruin so will need a lot of work and time to get back to anything like it was. They are scheduled to arrive at Grammeno on or before 4 September so I will go to pester Maria to ensure that their chosen accommodation is ready for their arrival.

There have been a couple of enquiries for accommodation in the past three days as well as a ⭐️ rating with no review for the restaurant and bar last night. It’s annoying when they leave only a rating as this is unhelpful in finding out what they didn’t like. There seem to be more ratings for the Bar and restaurant recently. Usually, the restaurant attracts criticism but the staff come out well.

My bean creation from last night will be reinvigorated this evening and supplemented with some tomatoes, cucumber and olives. I ate the bulk of it last night and it was not half bad. If only I can remember how I made it…

A quick wander to the loo confirms that noisy airbed man has left as well as others nearby. My nearest neighbour is now 10m from the fence.

A quick look at the weather foretells showers on Saturday night and Sunday but only 42% probability and then only 1.2mm of precipitation.


If it really did rain on Sunday, it would bring the season to an abrupt end which would be a shame as there is at least one week before the end of the month and the official Greek holiday season’s end. It’s only Thursday and, like politics, a few days is a long time for the weather to change.

The only other problem is that we’ve not had a decent downpour recently. Last year it was in June, in 2015 it was in August. It’s overdue I think.

There is a mouse in my house so I’ve set a trap. Not that it’s going to be hungry as I heard it munching away whilst I was watching TV.

Tony, Ursula and Heidi have made it as far as France so far. A drive to their house and they’re done for the day.


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