All off this morning! (Well, almost)

Thankfully cooler in the night, I actually needed a sheet over me at one point. The first time in several weeks.

04:30 seemed to come around very quickly despite one interruption during the night. This morning, we were all able to have a run. Except… Luis was the most active with his glowing ball as Fido seemed to have lost enthusiasm until the end. There was one car in the car park but it would appear the occupants were not camping out on the Promontory or at least, the dogs were not interested in finding them to bark at them.

I ran, cycled and had breakfast before chatting on the phone for a couple of hours

As soon as I got off the phone I found this image:

And also this article on the Friends of Lewes website

It’s not an extensive article but it does what’s needed.

Here is another image grabbed from the Friends’ site:

I’m not sure when that postcard was made. You might have a better idea because of the cars in the foreground.

Some old maps for you to look at. Surveyed in 1954.

You appear to be living on the old railway station and goods yard. You’d better keep your eyes open for locomotives. If you hear a crash in the night it’s probably just shunting.
Cuilfail Estate surveyed 1954 by OS and released in 1955. The Top Road does not yet exist. Not too many houses either. This map can be seen here

The afternoon has been quite restful spent mostly browsing the Internet as you might have guessed.

My new northerly neighbours have quite a sizeable tent which is thankfully not right up on my fence. They have young children and, I suspect, a dog too. Fortunately, only Luis steps outside the gate which leads into the camping. It would be a nightmare otherwise. I remember taking routes to avoid being spotted by Georgia’s dogs only to be ambushed on the way back by the likes of Mickey or Πέντε. I have not seen either of them for several weeks as they are incarcerated close to Georgia’s residence only allowed out to the bar in the evenings, and then on a lead. As it should be. Why the ‘management’ can operate on a different set of rules to the punters is a mystery.

The day has been sunny and the wind continues westerly. The forecast still mentions a 50% chance of 3mm rain during the next 24 hours. I was considering jumping up to block the holes in the van roof left by the removal of the support brackets for the awning. This is really a job that requires some care since the surface of the roof needs cleaning off properly. I can either just squirt some expanding foam into the holes to block them off temporarily or I can hope it does not rain with such an intensity or angle that water is able to penetrate the area under the metal sheet. I’m not sure I have the energy to go crawling over the roof. Update: having investigated and stuffed up the holes on the inside, I discover that my large can of expanding foam expired in 2014 and doesn’t work. My fallback was a tube of silicone sealant which also dates from 2014 and so therefore equally useless. Let’s hope for no rain. Otherwise, I’m going to need some containers to catch the drips! Both items were purchased in UK when I replaced the roof lights in 2014.

A quick wander has revealed the camping to be remarkably busy again. The number of cars in the car park has declined and only a few are parked out in the road although there is probably enough room for them to park inside. Parking outside saves 2.5€ per day as then you’re not paying to leave your vehicle in the safety and confines of the camping. Cars are only allowed near the pitch for pitching and striking and must be away from the area at all other times. This has to be enforced at this time of the year as there is simply no space for cars due to the number of tents.

Noises-off indicates a healthy dog population too. I’m not sure how many or their exact location. I heard muffled yapping as I ran through the car park this morning to discover a small dog in one of the cars parked there. The windows were open as I ran past. The owner was not keen to either share their tent with their mutt or rely on them to remain quiet whilst tethered outside on the sand.

There are a couple of larger dogs which are tied up under some trees just off the road as I run towards Paleochora. At the beginning, they used to bark at me even on my approach to the entrance, as I ran along the road. Now, they might just about partially open an eyelid as I come jogging past. As if to say: “That stupid Englishman out running again”.

Here is a link to the Grammeno Camping Google site. To see the reviews, click the review link under the GRAMMENO CAMPING heading at the top.

No rain as of 22:00. The northerly neighbours German Shepherd doesn’t like to be ignored. Fortunately, my lot are remaining mostly silent. Fido as he has already earned himself a collar and Luis because he’s Luis. Not annoying enough to deserve a collar at this time.

The camping is certainly lively but I can look forward to them all leaving tomorrow. Hopefully….


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